Vulture From Canceled Spider-Man 4 Revealed

Details of the costume and casting for Vulture from the canceled Spider-Man 4 have been revealed for the first time.

Spider Man Vulture
We could have gotten a Vulture even better than this one. | © Marvel

The original Spider-Man trilogy with Tobey Maguire is legendary, especially for a late-90s kids like myself. While the series was clearly in decline, we would have loved to see a Spider-Man 4. But unfortunately it was canceled during early development. Now, many years later, we got a first look at Vulture, who was supposed to be the villain in the movie. And what we're seeing here looks sick.

John Malkovich As Vulture Looks Incredible

While there are some good Spider-Man movies, the originals are still some of the best. And we could have gotten even more of that Sam Raimi awesomeness. Comic book writer and illustrator Ken Penders posted a picture on Twitter, of what could have been the best Vulture we would have ever seen on screen (sorry, Michael Keaton). The pic revealed the wings of Vulture, which were already produced ahead of the planned movie... before it got canned, unfortunately. Shame on you, Sony.

Penders also revealed, that John Malkovich was supposed to play Vulture, which frankly would have been insane. Unfortunately, Sony hates fun, so we never got to see this movie.

It's really cool to see, that parts of this lost movie are still out there and that people are bringing it up again. There's actually an entire Twitter account dedicated to Spider-Man 4, which is super weird and super cool. And who knows, maybe we will get Tobey back into the suit again... I mean again again. You know what I mean...

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