Warcraft 2 Movie: "The Beginning" Sequel Could Be A Reboot

With "The Beginning" the Warcraft franchise debuted on the big screen in 2016. A Warcraft 2 movie never followed; let's take a look at the chances of a sequel or a reboot.

Warcraft: The Beginning was released in 2016. Let's check out whether there will be a Warcraft 2 Movie. | © Universal Pictures

When it comes to video game franchises that have a seemingly endless amount of stories to tell, the World of Warcraft is what comes to mind for me. Probably because I played Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft when I was young.

To be fair, nobody wants to see a movie about the current developments in WoW, simply because they are terrible and lack the depth of earlier plot lines. But who wouldn't want to watch Arthas' or Illidans' fall from grace. That's a story that's overlapping at some points, but man, squeeze both in one movie and I guarantee they won't do it justice! Just way too overloaded.

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There are even more awesome stories but what would make sense to adapt is a story about Thrall. He's a fan favorite, cool as hell and flashy to boot. They also featured his birth in the first movie, so it would make sense.

Instead of a sequel, Warcraft could get a soft reboot soon. | © Universal Pictures

Warcraft 2 Movie Will Probably Be A Reboot

While "The Beginning" performed quite well in China, it pretty much flopped in the US. Director Duncan Jones always hoped to get the permission for making another Warcraft movie, but as "The Beginning" was not a big hit at the box office, in the end, it never happened. It seems as if Blizzard and Universal Pictures have been thinking about doing another Warcraft movie for years, but then the pandemic came along and... well... you know the rest.

Latest rumors indicate that Blizzard and Universal want to include a soft reboot of the story. They want to focus on new characters and undo some decisions from the first movie. Don't worry too much, though, they said they still won't ignore developments from the first movie, just take some creative freedoms.

They don't want to be bound by the decisions of Warcraft: The Beginning. I kinda understand what they're going for, I just hope they don't screw this up because they want to do their own thing with the material. The first movie was a pretty faithful adaption of the material and even though in my opinion they didn't go deep enough into motivations, character development and the sort, they still did a pretty good job!

Maybe I am expecting too much, but it seems that adult Thrall will be in the new movie, so it already got that going for it. But that is even more of a reason why they shouldn't screw around too much. Things could work out well, if they let Duncan Jones get back onboard. The director is a big Warcraft fan and has expressed his interest to be a part of future movies multiple times. He even had a trilogy in mind already, so I'm sure if they stick to his ideas, we will be able to see Thrall in action!

Well, this is everything we know so far, mixed with a little me to make it more entertaining, but let's see how it turns out.