World of Warcraft: ChatGPT Gives Surprising Suggestion For Next WoW Add-On

Creating a game like World of Warcraft from scratch requires serious man power and a bunch of creative thinkers. Nevertheless, even the best developers would be lost without the appropriate software! Blizzard even tried to consult an AI as assistant for new ideas. Luckily, it showed us why real humans are still more than necessary for developing creative ideas.

WoW Shadowlands Launch Cinematic
Seems like ChatGPT isn't always right! | © Blizzard

In a lot of cases, an AI like ChatGPT can be incredibly useful and accurate. Since it has an almost unlimited amount of knowledge, it can be a reliable source for most scientific questions.

However, ChatGPT seems pretty bad at differentiating wrong from right regarding human emotions and just because something is very present on the internet, doesn’t always mean it is well liked. WoW Director Ion Hazzikostas found out about that pretty quickly after asking ChatGPT what the next WoW expansion should be about.

WoW: ChatGPT Wants Another Shadowlands

Really, ChatGPT? You chose Shadowlands as the expansion that should make a comeback?

In an Interview with IGN, the WoW Game Director Ion Hazzikostas talked about his conversation with ChatGPT after he heard about its capabilities. Just one simple question however, was enough for him to realize that there is no chance for ChatGPT to be employee of the month any time soon.

  • If we really have to deal with another Shadowlands in the near future, we should consider playing Small World of Warcraft instead.

The answer “Return to the Shadowlands” really wasn't what anyone wanted to hear right now. WoW just overcame a really dark period with Shadowlands being arguably the worst expansion to this date. But it seems like there are enough comments on the expansion on the internet, that our AI friend is convinced, that we need another Shadowlands!

Like mentioned earlier, ChatGPT is trained to “remember” every little information that the entire internet has to offer. And it should be no surprise that there are lot and lots of articles, Tweets, and posts complaining about Shadowlands, since it was around for over a year due to major delays.

Let's just hope Blizzard won't rely on ChatGPT's opinion in the near future and that there will never be something like Shadowlands again.

Thankfully, ChatGPT seems to understand that this was by far the worst possible answer, and it redeemed itself by actually giving new ideas after I asked it again!

Chat GPT answer
ChatGPT seems to have made up its mind. | © OpenAI

It's quite comforting to know that an AI doesn't seem to be always better at everything than we are! Although some of those ideas are actually not too bad …

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