WoW Legend Announces Plans For Own MMO

WoW Legend Ghostcrawler wants to develop his own MMO. After working in some of the biggest game companies, and leaving traces all around the most successful games in the world has to offer, this is his final step.

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Ghostcrawler leaving first Blizzard and now Riot Games to make his dream come true. | © Riot Games | © Blizzard

The legend Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street made a bold, but important step towards his true dream: creating his own world for players to explore, a new MMO. I don't think I need to explain to anyone here, that this is a huge project with many potential obstacles ahead, but after many years of experience, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Who is Ghostcrawler?

In order to understand the dimension of this project, you need to know who Ghostcrawler is in the first place. Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street is a very well-known game developer. Most people know him for the work he has done for Blizzard, who have offered him a position as lead system designer for their game World of Warcraft in 2008. After 5 years, he left Blizzard to find a new adventure to work on, and found one at Riot Games in 2014. Since then, he worked as lead designer for League of Legends and played a big role in the still nameless MMO, Riot is working on at the moment. But that still wasn't enough for him.

A New MMO Idea Is Born

With all his accumulated experience, he decided to start all over again with a new heart project of his, and of course it's going to be a MMO type of game. He shared the news on April 6 via his Twitter account, talking about the big changes in his life and how he wants it to continue. His ambition is to create a game he is truly passionate about and that players will love.

Grag Street Tweet 02
Ghostcrawler talking about his change of mind. | © Twitter

For him,there is no time to waste in starting his new project as soon as possible. Equipped with new partners and a seemingly good idea, he is planning to start his own studio. Their goal: to move fast and go big!

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"Our goal is to move fast and go big.". | © Twitter

So far, he has not published any further details regarding the new game, but claims to be looking for some talented new people to join him in his journey. The community wishes him the best of luck in his quest and hopes for a unique new MMO to enjoy. Let's see what he has in store for us this time around, and whatever it will be, we keep you up to date!

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