Riot MMO: Which LoL Champions Could Appear As Bosses?

So far we have no concrete news on the upcoming Riot MMO, but that won't stop us from making guesses on which League of Legends champions could appear in the game as raid bosses or even world bosses.

Blackfrost velkoz
Honestly, there are some insane champions that could be potential bosses in the Riot MMO. | © Riot Games

The Riot MMO is still a complete and utter mystery. We can speculate and come up with theories, but nothing has been confirmed thus far. Will champions even be a part of the game? Well, Runeterra without its iconic champs might seem a bit stale.

So, we do think that Champions could make an appearance and some of them will likely be bosses that you can even fight. Here are the champions we think should definitely be included in the Riot MMO as dungeon, raid and world bosses!

Riot MMO: These LoL Champions Could Be Bosses In The Game

Depending on the regions in the Riot MMO we could have a multitude of different bosses. One thing we do believe is that The Void will not be a true playable region, but could be a region filled with raids and dungeons for players to play through once they've reached the endgame.

Similarly, we do think that The Shadow Isles could be another region filled with bosses, since there are a multitude of 'bad guy' champions that inhabit the area. Of course, there should be iconic bosses in every single region of Runeterra so let's go over who has the most potential.

We are also pretty hyped for another game from Riot: Project L

1. Vel'Koz

Who better to start off the list than Vel'Koz? The eye of the Void should ba shoe in for a raid boss. The Void is likely filled with a multitude of bosses like Bel'Veth and Cho'Gath, but the one champion that stands out is Vel'Koz, the oldest Voidborn.

Vel'Koz in his lore is described as "the devil Vel’Koz, who crept forth from the underworld to steal the dreams of wiser men" and his name literally means "to understand by unmaking" giving him an eerie and strong feel. Honestly, Vel'Koz is just boss material.

2. Bel'Veth

Another Void creature is Bel'Veth who could be even stronger than Vel'Koz. If we go by the promotional material from her release in the summer of 2022, we have one video in which she literally frightens Vel'Koz, showing just how strong she can truly be.

With her power over Malzahar who is her prophet, we could even have a mini boss before we have to saddle up and fight Bel'Veth which could be interesting and add another layer to the boss fight, right?

League of Legends Thresh
I just want to beat up Thresh so bad... | © Riot Games

3. Thresh, Hecarim and Viego

A multitude of boss champions could be hiding on the Shadow Isles for adventurers to quest to. There are many to choose from, like Thresh, Hecarim and Viego who all have potential to be their own bosses, meaning that the Shadow Isles could be a region added just for late game content.

This could mean that the Shadow Isles would be level locked for only high level players to enter and go on raids to fight these bosses.

4. Gangplank

Now if we also get Bilgewater in the Riot MMO, wouldn't a pirate fight with Gangplank be the ideal thing to add? Gangplank might just be a mere human, but the man has died, been deleted from the game and come back to haunt every top laner with his crit barrels. He's unkillable and we hope this translates into the Riot MMO as well.

Of course, Gangplank would likely just be a world boss, but fighting him could be interesting and make for some interesting addition to the game.

5. Sion

Of course, we cannot overlook Sion who will likely be a boss found in Noxus. He's got potential to be one of the toughest fighters due to just how tanky this man is in League of Legends. You will need a literal army to take him down, as seen in one of the Season start cinematics from a while ago.

6. Darkin Champions

While not dungeon bosses we do think that adding Darkin as World bosses just wandering Runeterra could be an interesting addition to the game. This is just us musing and wishing for specific features to be added to the game, since as mentioned nothing has been revealed, but encountering Aatrox somewhere on the map and getting your ass handed to you... wouldn't that just be fun?

With the addition of multiple Darkin in Legends for Runeterra we can have Darkin in any region of the Runeterra, meaning there are Darkin all over the map to encounter.

Other Champions That Could Be Bosses in the Upcoming Riot MMO

Of course, there are many more champions that could be bosses. Lissandra in the Freljord, all of the demon's like Fiddlesticks and Evelynn roaming Runeterra. You could fight trolls and end up battling Trundle as a final boss or even awaken Renekoton and battle him or Xerath... whoever gets dug out first.

The list is endless with options for boss fights. Will we be fighting one another in the fighting pits in Ionia with Sett watching?

Possibility of City Raids

We can also imagine there being city raids in the upcoming Riot MMO. Imagine playing a Noxian and secretly planning a huge raid on the capital of Demacia to try and overthrow Jarvan IV, all while your sworn enemies are doing the same to see if they can overthrow Swain.

Would be pretty cool to fight alongside 100 people as you try to overthrow the opposing team's king, right? Would be a cool PvP experience at least. Of course, this is all just speculation, but we, as fans of the series and the upcoming game, hope to dream.

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