Riot MMO, Fighting Game & More About Upcoming Riot Universe

Riot Games is turning into the Goliath, after being David for so long. A single game kept the company afloat for 10 years, but now they're coming out with shows, an MMO and even more!

Riot Games MMO
A meta-verse in which I'd love to live. | © Pixabay/Riot Games

How big can market dominance be? Riot: Yes. We all remember the growth Blizzard had thanks to World of Warcraft and well, Riot is trying to emulate the success, only that this universe has even more potential! League of Legends is more than just a MOBA, it has lore, a Netflix Show and a multitude of games in the same universe.

So, let's take a look at everything Riot Games' has brought to the market in recent years and where the developer is planning to take us in the future. We will leave League of Legends and VALORANT out, since we know those are the two biggest titles Riot currently has on the market.

Riot‘s Games

It hasn't been long since the Riot Games Client was reworked to now include all of their titles. So this means that you merely log into your League of Legends client, then choose whether you want to play Riot's card game, Legends of Runeterra, or their auto-chess battler, Teamfight Tactics. We also can't forget that last year, Riot came out with their own mobile League of Legends version – Wild Rift!

Project L will be the fighting-game hit from Riot Games. EVO 2022, here we come? Or make that 2023? There is no official release date announced yet for the fighting game yet.

We can see a pattern here. Riot takes a look at the market, sees which games work and then takes them and puts them into their established League of Legends universe. It's quite simple, but effective!

What Currently Exists in the Riot Games Universe?

Just a while ago, Riot Forge, a distribution company Riot created to work hand-in-hand with other developers, released the Rhythm runner Hextech Mayhem. In this game, players had to run around as Ziggs and hit specific cues in the right rhythm.

Not only that, but Riot Forge and Airship Syndicate also finally released Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. The game was probably supposed to release around the same time as the Sentinels Event, but it took a bit longer. We're not mad, though, since the game was received quite well by the community – unlike the Sentinels event.

And we've also got to talk about Arcane since we're discussing the whole Riot Games' universe. There is so much content regarding the story, champions and characters! Seriously, we have content until season 2 finally releases.

When Will the League of Legends MMO Be Released?

We've known about the upcoming Riot MMO for a while, but when exactly we get to immerse ourselves in the world of Runeterra is still a mystery. In a tweet from February 2021, Greg Street, one of the Lead Designers of the game, explained that it could still take years. Does this mean bad news for the Riot Universe?

Not really. We know that some basics have been completed. Runeterra and other details like city names have been added. Those are the classic first steps for any MMO, so, unfortunately, we are still in the early stages of getting our Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game.

What Do We Know About The League of Legends MMO?

We know that Mark Yetter, who was the Lead Designer of League of Legends, switched to the League of Legends MMO team. So the whole game is in competent hands that have dealt with League over the last few years.

And well, while we wait for the League of Legends MMO, we can enjoy some League of Legends pre-season like the new Hextech and Chemtech drakes or the new Objective Bounty system. There is a lot to explore in LoL alone!