Arcane Characters We Want As Champions

The Netflix series Arcane was revealed this weekend and multiple characters would make insane champions. Which ones though?

Marcus Arcane Lo L
Marcus in the future! | © Riot Games

The League of Legends and Netflix series has taken over the World. The show topped the Netflix charts in 38 countries and those were only the first three episodes. Act II and Act III are going to come out in the following weeks.

But after watching the first few episodes, fans have already decided which characters they’d love to see as champions in League of Legends. Who are they and what abilities could they have? Let’s theory craft a little and hope for some Arcane-themed champions in the coming year!

Which Characters Could be Champions?

Arcane Character: Bolbok

Bolbok had little screen time throughout the first three episodes, but whenever he spoke or was on-screen we were enraptured by his unique looks and even his backstory. Seriously, Riot gave us the breadcrumbs we wanted with this character and even gave themselves enough hints to create a whole new race we’ve never seen in Runeterra before.

He could be a unique and interesting champion coming in the future from a race no one has ever heard of before since, as he stated in the show, it was nearly wiped out by magic. Therefore, he could be an anti-mage champion of some sort due to his disdain for magic.

Arcane Character: Marcus

Marcus played a prominent role throughout the first three episodes of Arcane. He’s unlikable and wants to get the job done, no matter the cost. He would even sell out his superior to Silco for ‘the greater good’.

He could make a very interesting champion in the bot lane. He was shown to use a gun at one point – though he didn’t fire it. There are so many options of what Riot could do with an enforcer champion. Even if he isn’t a likeable character, he could be an insanely strong champion.

Arcane Character: Silco

Alright, everyone saw this one coming. Since Silco isn’t Singed, we would love to see this guy with his creepy eye in League of Legends. He plays a huge part in Arcane and could gain huge popularity through all the attention, which would make him a pretty popular champion upon release.

He could be a mid lane champion who utilizes his potions and his chemical expertise to fight on Summoner’s Rift. Of course, this would be similar to Singed, but there are many ways Riot can still explore the usage of poisons to either buff or debuff champions.

Arcane Character: Mel Medarda

Mel is going to play a huge part in Jayce’s story throughout Arcane, which makes her a key character. She is already seen as an ambitious woman who seeks out to become the richest and most notable person of the Medarda family.

Mel already has her own card in Legends of Runeterra, while it is a rather weak card, she would fit as a support champion in League of Legends. She would likely be squishy support who is able to buff and enhance her allies through Hextech crystals.

Arcane Character: Deckard

Deckard started off as a mere street rat but quickly turned into an important character for the plot of Arcane. He quickly got addicted to Shimmer, the purple substance used to enhance his body, and became a hulking monster.

This could be an interesting thing to play around in League of Legends. Sort of like Kled or Gnar who have transformations when reaching a specific point, Deckard could be a similar champion. He could have a squishy form and then transform when needed into the hulking monster Silco made him to be.

Of course, there are many more characters to come in Arcane, and we will continue to theorize which champion could already be in the show or which characters could be potential champions. Through the September Roadmap, we can already guess that at least two new champions will come from Piltover & Zaun.