Riot MMORPG: Potential Classes in the Upcoming Game

Everyone knows that Riot is hard at work to bring us an epic MMORPG set in Runeterra. But as we're awaiting official confirmation, we cannot help but think of which classes we would love to see in this huge open world.

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RIOT MMORPG: Marksmen definitely have to be a class of their own. | © Riot Games

Thanks to the extensive lore surrounding League of Legends as well as the card game Legends of Runeterra, we can already make a few bold predictions of what could be included in the upcoming MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Riot is working on.

Of course, Riot is keeping everything under wraps until they're ready to make an official announcement, but that won't stop fans to try and predict what could be included in this massive game. So, what classes could we be playing as in the MMORPG?

Riot MMORPG: These Are the Potential Classes in the Game

League of Legends has already classified their champions into multiple classes which is going to help in dividing up potential classes for the upcoming Riot MMORPG. Let's go over all LoL classes and how likely they, and their subclasses, are to be featured.

1. Mages

The arcane and the magic behind it is an important role in League of Legends and the world of Runeterra. While there are folk who despise magic and want nothing to do with it, there are others who embrace magic and everything that has to do with it, as well as magical creatures.

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We need some epic mages like Ryze in the game! | © Riot Games

In League of Legends there are a multitude of different types of mages, such as Burst, Battle and Artillery Mages, so whether we're going to get further sub-classes is not yet known, but we could imagine that throughout your journey in the MMORPG you can choose which type of mage you'll want to become depending on the spells you learn and use.

2. Marksmen

There are various marksmen in League of Legends and in Runeterran lore, which would make their inclusion ideal as well. Whether you choose to play as someone from the Freljord, Shurima or Ionia, each and every region has their own set of Marksmen that could definitely be included in the MMORPG.

While Mages can vary on what type of magic they practice, Marksmen will likely follow a set path without much variance in the role. Marksmen will be the long distance squishy fighters of your party with high damage output in raids.

3. Fighters

Of course, if you have the long ranged marksmen, you also need melee DPS characters. That's where the fighters come into play. This is another class that is found in every single region of Runeterra and therefore their inclusion would be key for the MMORPG to keep it canon, as well as to have balanced parties for raids.

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Okay, but like I just want to be an epic fighter from Noxus... | © Riot Games

In League of Legends, Fighters are classified into Juggernaut and Diver subclasses. By learning different Fighter skills and levelling up specific points in the skill tree players could choose whether they want to go the Juggernaut or Diver route in the Riot MMORPG to create a diverse field of characters.

4. Slayers

Slayers represent squishy, yet very agile, damage focused melee champions. What most people would imagine an assassin to be like, which is a sub-class of Slayer in League of Legends. The Slayer class will want to swiftly take down their targets.

Skirmishers and Assassins are considered to be Slayers, with assassins inching close and quickly executing their enemies before using their mobility to get out of the fray. More often than not Assassins will target squishy backline opponents Skirmishers on the other hand, will approach anyone to fight and while they lack high-end burst damage, they will be able to deal long and sustained damage which will cut down their targets.

Unlike Fighters, Skirmishers are more mobile and able to gap close thanks to situational tools in their kits. They're also squishier than Fighters who are designed to also take as much damage as they dish out.

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We need some cool looking tanks like this! | © Riot Games

5. Wardens/Vanguards

Of course, we also need our trusted tanks on the front lines. This is a pretty well-known class in League of Legends that is also made up of two sub-classes. Players can either choose to be an offensive 'Vanguard', so someone who kicks off fights, or a 'Warden' which are more defensive tanks that seek to hold the line and lock down oncomers.

Both types of tank are important and add dimensions to League of Legends. How this would translate into an MMORPG is yet to be determined, but having both offensive and defensive tanks would make for some great gameplay, especially in PvP game modes.

6. Enchanters

Enchanters make up the healers and those amplifying their allies' effectiveness on the battlefield. They could be a sub-class of mages in the upcoming Riot MMORPG, but we believe putting Enchanters in a class of their own makes more sense since they'll play completely different from any regular mage.

Enchanters will have a hard time playing the game alone and will likely need a partner with them from the get-go, since they're made to enhance other players and party members. They're fragile and immobile and will require a strong team to be able to shine, but they'll be a valuable class to have when it comes to endgame content like dungeons and raids.

Skill Tree in Riot MMORPG

Many of the above-mentioned classes have multiple sub-classes as well. Players will have to utilize a skill tree, as well as make a choice either at the beginning or at some point early on in their MMO adventure what type of sub-class they'll want their character to be.

This is where skill tree's come into play in MMORPG's, since by levelling up you'll earn skill points to further individualize your character and improve their abilities. Learning different spells will differentiate your characters from others and make your avatar unique from every other person walking around Runeterra.

Of course, for now this is all speculation and Riot might go a different route in terms of their in-game content, but with the current knowledge we have thanks to League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra, these could be some of the classes in the Riot MMORPG.

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