LoL Community Angry About Healing and Anti-Heal Issues in Game

Ever since Riot made some changes to durability back in the middle of Season 12, it feels like some champions have way too much innate sustain and there is not enough counterplay. The community has been pretty vocal about the issues with Grievous Wounds and healing in League of Legends.

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League of Legends Season 13 will be kicking off pretty soon and while we have gotten a whole lot of brand-new items in the 2023 preseason, some of them have made the game feel like it's unplayable with zero counterplay.

Healing and Grievous Wounds has been an ongoing problem throughout the second half of Season 12 in League of Legends, but the discussion of adding meaningful anti heal to the game has once again come up as tanks have too much innate healing and are just too beefy to kill thanks to the 2023 preseason items.

League of Legends: Fans Feel There Is No Proper Way to Counter Healing

It feels almost impossible to balance healing and anti-healing in a game like League of Legends. Nerf healing all together and champions like Soraka become completely obsolete as their only role in the game becomes useless. But having some form of anti heal is important for the game to be healthy.

In the current state there is no true way to stop healing though. Sure, we've got items with Grievous Wounds, but those items don't have the greatest stats, nor do they offer much else to the champions. Also, some champions can't even utilize the Grievous Wounds properly.

Take Thornmail for example. The item has built-in Grievous Wounds in the passive, but to be able to get the most out of it you would need to have some form of CC in your kit as well. Great for a champion like K'Sante, bad for a champion like Gnar that barely has any CC in their kit if they aren't in their mega-Gnar form.

Wombo Combo your enemies to death!

The community thinks that there should be more varied ways to counter the massive amounts of healing that are currently in the game. Champions like Aatrox and Dr. Mundo have some of the most insane innate healing, while Soraka or Yuumi can bring champions back from the brink of death.

Some fans think that by separating self-heal from team-heal could help this whole situation, meaning that Riot should separate the stats and then buff and nerf them accordingly. But tying healing and damage could become too strong if not monitored correctly.

Riot Responds to Community Backlash to Healing

RiotAxes spoke about healing and the state of anti-heal in another Reddit thread where he stated that Riot won't be completely reworking Grievous Wounds, but they will be reverting it to make it more impactful earlier on.

The direction will be something much closer to the pre-Items Update system - components with 40% grievous wounds so that you can access a counter when you need it, growing into stat sticks that make more sense within builds, but not specifically upgrading the GW amount.

The team will look into healing as well since they cannot do too much with Grievous Wounds without it being completely and utterly OP.

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