League of Legends: The World is Ending - Tyler1 Praised the LoL Client

Tyler1, the most famous League of Legends streamer plays the game day in and day out. But, he also criticizes Riot and the game when he has to, but this time around he's actually praising Riot? Hell has frozen over...

Tyler1 and Faker Reverse
For once he's actually happy with Riot. | © Riot Games

Tyler1 might be the biggest League of Legends streamer out there, but that doesn't mean that he won't have his own opinions on the game or the League of Legends client. We all know from the clips we've seen just hop loud and opinionated he can be, right?

Well, it seems that for once Riot have done something right, because with new changes coming to the League of Legends client, Tyler1 even managed to praise them! Who would have thought this day would ever come, eh?

New LoL Client Features Get Tyler1 Approved

Ahead of the 2023 League of Legends Preseason, Riot revealed a few changes they were going to be making to the LoL client to improve the quality for players of all levels and to put everyone on the same playing field.

One of those changes would be to introduce a system where champion builds would be suggested to players when they pick a champion. Basically, in the client, players could either choose their own loadouts, meaning runes and spells, or there would be some premade options for champions players could choose from.

Okay these feautures are nice and all, but what about this controversial ping?

Tyler1 recently got to see this on stream and looked at the premade rune options for his favorite champion in the game, Draven. He praised the loadout and the different options which were made available for Draven, giving three different builds that could all be used depending on what 'type' of an in-game build you would go for.

I mean these are pretty right actually. What the f*ck?!

That wasn't the only new feature in champion select which had Tyler1 praising Riot. Players are also able to switch the champion pick order around quickly and efficiently with the push of a button. Kind of like in ARAM when you want to switch champions with someone.

He called this change 'kinda goated' on stream, because this is a huge quality of life improvement. Players won't have to ask others to pick someone for them anymore and then switch afterwards.

Both features seemed to work well in the client, which is a miracle in and of itself, since we all know how buggy and awful the League of Legends in-game client can be, right? Well, now Riot just has to make it work for Clash in 2023 since it seems Clash still breaks the client every single time.

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