LoL Fans Upset Over New Legendary Skin's Quality

Riot has had a few skin mishaps in 2022. Now, it seems they're starting off 2023 with a huge skin blunder regarding the upcoming Irelia legendary skin. Fans are upset that it isn't up to standards, especially after the huge success of Empyrean Pyke and Winterblessed Diana.

Irelia Mythmaker Skin Splash
This splash is incredible, but is the skin? | © Riot Games

Irelia is getting a brand-new skin, but it seems that some fans are not too happy with it. Understandably so. Her skin for the 2023 year is supposed to be the first legendary of the year, but a lot of fans feel underwhelmed by the animations of it.

Irelia is a pretty old champion and relies heavily on her auto attacks and her passive, things that set her apart from others, but it seems that a lot of fans aren't willing to fork over 1820 RP for her newest upcoming Mythmaker skin that is currently on the PBE server.

Fans Underwhelmed by New Mythmaker Irelia LoL Skin

Irelia is getting a legendary skin, but it can't come at a worst time. After one of the best skins of all time was released in LoL Patch 12.23 with Winterblessed Diana, as well as a unique and insanely cool legendary skin for Pyke with Empyrean Pyke, this new Mythmaker Irelia skin just looks... uninspired.

Fans do state that the skin itself is beautiful and that the theme and colours work wonders on Irelia. It's not that the skin is bad, but a lot of comments from the community have come from the lack of updated VFX on her passive, as well as the missing new auto attack animations have ticked off the Irelia community.

Irelia is a great champion especially for ARAM players so let's check out all ARAM changes:

Reddit user Justalostdudeasking pointed out multiple things missing from the skin to truly qualify it as a legendary, especially after the quality legendaries the community received in the final two months. One of the key points they pointed out was that Irelia didn't have a new auto attack animation when she is an auto attack based champion.

Her passive, which is another key part of her whole kit and what players play around all the time also doesn't have a single effect... comparing this to Winterblessed Diana it's just weak.

Also, the animations for E and W look almost the same to the base and the voice-over for her W also hasn't been updated.

And while a cool map effect for a pentakill isn't necessary, Irelia doesn't even get a unique animation for a single kill which doesn't make this skin stand out from the rest at all either.

This isn't the first time Riot has failed with their skin's in 2022 either. The legendary Sivir skin was also lacking and two of the Ashen Knight skins, which are mythic skins and considered rare, were also not well-received by the community.

Whether Riot is going to be making some major changes to Mythmaker Irelia before release is yet to be seen, but Sivir mains know that it's unlikely with their Solar Eclipse Sivir not getting many fixes before release.

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