New LoL Eclipse Skins: Release Date, Champions, Event & Price

Riot just released the pictures for the upcoming Eclipse skins. The leakers were right in their predictions with these skins.

Eclipse Senna Skin
Lunar Eclipse Senna looks incredible. | © Riot Games

The leakers were right, and Senna is going to be getting a prestige skin in the next League of Legends patch. Thankfully, it won't cost us an arm and a leg anymore, but what else have the leaks been right about?

The eclipse and coven universe is expanding with whole new Lunar and Solar Eclipse skins! Finally, Leona won't be the only champion with an Eclipse skin anymore. She deserves company, so let's go over the new Eclipse skins right now.

Which Champions Will Get Eclipse Skins?

There are going to be five champions receiving Eclipse skins. Senna will also be on the receiving end of a Prestige Lunar Eclipse skin, which makes the total of released skins go up to six. With Prestige 2.0 Riot is focusing on making prestige skins more unique with the skins receiving their own splash arts even.

  • Lunar Eclipse Senna
  • Lunar Eclipse Senna Prestige
  • Lunar Eclipse Aatrox
  • Solar Eclipse Kayle
  • Solar Eclipse Sivir
  • Solar Eclipse Sejuani

Which Champions Already Have Eclipse Skins?

Leona is the only other champion with an Eclipse skin. She has both a Lunar and Solar Eclipse skin. The Eclipse universe is connected to the Coven Universe, though, so we can count the champions from the Coven and Old God skin lines into this universe as well.

How Much Will the Eclipse Skins Cost?

These skins will all be 1350 RP Epic skin, while Sivir is going to be receiving a 1820 Legendary skin. She has never received a legendary skin, which is pretty sad, since she's one of the oldest champions in the game, having been around for ages.

Will There Be An Eclipse Event?

Currently, there is the Anima Squad event going on until May 2, 2022. It seems like events will overlap this time around, with a leak showing that the Eclipse skins will have a mini event to go along with them.

The leaked event will go from April 28, 2022 until May 28, 2022. So if you're excited for some Coven and Eclipse interactions, this is the place to check. Let's hope Riot does something with the universe they created.

As of now there is two missions in the client already. You can check on these by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the client:

MissionAufgabe Belohnung
Intro to Showcase MilestonesEarn 150 points from time spent playing and winning games.
  • 1 Eclipse-Capsule
  • 1 Eclipse Grab Bag
O brave knightMystery Objective
  • 200 Orange Essence

"Mystery Objective"? Well, we can't just leave it at that! If you want to know beforehand what you'll need to do to complete this task, we've got you covered.

It seems like you'll have to complete a match with one of the Eclipse champions being part of it. It doesn't matter if you're playing with or against one of them. Thankfully it also isn't a requirement for that champion to be equipped with an Eclipse skin – they just need to be part of that universe.

That means you will complete the mission if you're playing a game with Leona or one of the newest members of the Eclipse skin line mentioned above! If there are more missions being added to the Eclipse event, we will let you know right here.

When Will the Eclipse Skins be Released?

These skins are going to be released in League of Legends Patch 12.8. Not only that, but in the same patch we're going to be getting two other new skins for both Gangplank and Yasuo after the success of the game Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

So get ready, on April 27, 2022 when the next patch drops, because there are some incredible skins in there, and you might want to pick one or two up from them. Do you prefer these skins over the new Arcana skins, or are you still waiting for a new Fiddlestick skin?