New LoL Arcana Skins: Release Date, Champions & Price

We got a whole new set of Arcana skins to fawn over in League of Legends Patch 12.7. Which champions got Arcana skins though?

Who would have thought that the next skin line to be released by Riot would be the Arcana skin line? Sure, Arcana Ahri was leaked ages ago, but we were certain that this would be the patch that the upcoming EDG Championship skins would be released.

So, for any esports fans, you'll likely have to wait until Patch 12.9 – if we go by the leaks that state that 12.8 will be new Eclipse skins. But enough speculation, time to check out all the upcoming Arcana skins!

Which Champions Will Get Arcana Skins?

A total of five champions will be getting Arcana skins with the next League of Legends patch. We already mentioned Ahri, but who are the others getting skins?

  • Arcana Ahri
  • Arcana Xayah
  • Arcana Rakan
  • Arcana Ryze
  • Arcana Hecarim

Finally, Rakan and Xayah are getting paired skins together once more! Of course, Hecarim and Ryze receiving skins is also great, and they look absolutely gorgeous.

Which Champions Already Have Arcana Skins?

Four champions received Arcana skins in 2021 when the skin line was first introduced.

  • Arcana Camille
  • Arcana Xerath
  • Arcana Lucian
  • Arcana Tahm Kench

I still stand by Senna getting one, but if we believe the leaks, then she will be getting an Eclipse skin worth $150. So maybe next time she will be getting an Arcana skin.

How Much Will the Arcana Skins Cost?

These skins all look like epic skins, which means they'll be going for 1350 RP in the League of Legends shop. Some fans on Twitter were upset that Ahri is not receiving a legendary skin, but she will be getting an ASU and already has two, so it would have been unlikely for her to get one anyway.

When Will the Arcana Skins be Released?

The Arcana skins will be released on April 13, 2022 with League of Legends Patch 12.7. This could be the Mid-Season Invitational Patch as well since the event will likely take place in May 2022.

Will you be picking up the Arcana skins, or will you save your money? Make sure to redeem your Prime Gaming rewards, so you can get the cosmetics you really want in League of Legends!