Leaked Senna Skin Will NOT Cost $150

If you're a skin collector, then you might have to skip a few meals in the future to afford the upcoming Eclipse Senna skin.
Senna true damage prestige
Want to show off how rich you are? The upcoming Senna skin could be it. | © Riot Games

Louis Vuitton wasn't enough. Senna will now bedazzle her weapon with 10-carat diamonds. At least, according to leaks from the community, that is going to be the case with an upcoming Senna skin. If this is true, though, then this is the ultimate skin to flex with.

The info surrounding this mysterious expensive Senna skin comes from BigBadBear on Twitter. He is a known leaker in the League of Legends community who has recently released information regarding the upcoming Void-Jungler as well as the Aurelion Sol VGU/Rework. Now he's released leaks regarding a Prestige 2.0 version for an unreleased Eclipse Senna skin.

Prestige skins are merely golden and pimped out version of regular skins. They've clearly got more bling-bling, cost more and well... if the leaks are correct, then this Senna skin is going to have more bling-bling than anything we've seen before on the rift.

[UPDATE 30 March 2022]

New Prestige Skins Will Cost 125 ME

Okay, so it seems like Riot has listened to the community. New prestige skins will debut for a total of 125 Mythic Essence. Not only that, but non-event prestige's will be put into the loot pool for re-rolls and drops as well.

So, the upcoming Senna prestige skin will just cost 125 Mythic Essence instead of the whopping $150 we thought before. Riot did good listening to the community on this one, eh?

How Much Will The New Eclipse Senna Prestige Skin Cost?

Okay, let's be real. Not everyone is going to pick up this new Senna skin. To get this skin, you'll have to open around 25 capsules in game. If we count that, then it'll cost around 18,750 Riot Points. You saw that right, over eighteen thousand Riot Points will have to be spent on this skin.

Pulsefire Ezreal Lore 1
And I thought Pulsefire Ezreal was expensive... | © Riot Points

Okay, but 18,000 RP doesn't sound like all that much, right? Well, when you exchange that into real money, then you'll be over $140 poorer. You can buy two copies of Elden Ring for that money and still have some spare change!

With the current economy, it's better to save that money and put it into your car's gas tank, no? There are so many better uses for $140, but if you're a hardcore skin collector, then you can't miss out on this flex of a skin.

Of course, you can also buy a handful of other skins for that money, like some epic skins as well... Come on Elementalist Lux is basically a bunch of skins in one! The same goes with Seraphine's K/DA skin.

Honestly, if this skin is as expensive as the leaks say, then Senna better be a 4D model that can fly over the map, with whole new unbeatable abilities or even just the most pay-to-win skin out there. Maybe she just materializes in front of you while you play for that price and cheers you on while you lost all your Bronze ranked games.

When Will The Eclipse Senna Prestige Skin Be Released?

According to BigBadBear, the Eclipse Senna skin will be made available shortly after the prestige/mythic shop overhaul. He estimates that the Eclipse skins — along with one brand new legendary skin for a female champion that has never received a legendary skin before — Diana, possibly?

So, that could mean that the Eclipse skins will come around League of Legends Patch 12.8. Will we have a League of Legends event surrounding this skin line? When will we finally be getting our Void event Riot!?