Is The LoL MMO In Danger?

Riot Games is constantly working on expanding the League of Legends franchise. With Arcane they released a successful TV show, now they're also working on a MMORPG set in the world of Runeterra. Now there have been some statements about the uncertain future of the project.
Piltover Runeterra
How cool would it be to roam the streets of Piltover one day? | © Riot Games

League of Legends is a story of success. Therefore it is only logical, that Riot Games is doing their utmost, to build on that success. There is an ever-expanding and exciting lore all around the world of Runeterra, now the studio is working on several project to expand that universe even more. Many of you are familiar with the show Arcane, but there will also be new games set to release over the next few years – including a full-scale MMORPG.

What do we know about that game already? Well, not that much aside of it being in development as of now. Still there is a lot of interest about this project. Now some of its developers and key personnel have opened up about the state of the game – some of it might not be what fans would like to hear.

No Guarantee For A Release

Greg Street, Executive Producer of the LoL MMO has published a statement on Twitter about the project. He states that there is "no guarantee" that the game will eventually release. The development team is in great spirits, but there never is such a security.

Street is no small name when it comes to big game project. He has been working on the Age of Empires series, World of Warcraft and also League of Legends.

Well, you can probably take an executive producer with a bio like that by his word. This seems to throw some cold water on many peoples hopes about this game. The good thing, though? It seems like this project is far from being scrapped.

Confidence Throughout The Development Team

Mark Yetter is another big name currently working on the LoL MMO. He acts as the projects Game Director and has recently put out a statement about the MMO as well. Yetter joined the team in June of 2021 after working on League of Legends for over eight years.

He says that there is still a long way ahead of the team regarding the state of development, but they are keen on meeting the high expectations fans have about the project.

Yetters statement shows that the team is well aware about the hype this LoL MMO has created. Of course, all fans are happy about any kind of update although those have been rather scarce over the last few weeks. Still, the motivation inside the team still seems to be as high as ever.

Is The Riot Games MMO in Serious Danger?

Although Greg Streets statement about the game might unsettle a lot of fans it most surely hasn't been made out of any ill will towards fans or the project itself. The statements about the atmosphere inside the team and the fact that there are experienced developers like Street or Yetter working on the project should spark a lot of optimism.

Therefore it is still very much justified to have hopes about this game and being able to roam the world of Runeterra at some point in the future. Although it is still a long way to go – Riot hasn't stated any release date but we expect this MMORPG to hit the stores during the second half of 2024 at the earliest. That's still more than enough time to give this diamond in the rough a real nice polish!