Best ELVUI Interfaces for World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Patch 10.1

Here you can find a collection of our favorite interface setups using the popular add-on ELVUI for your World of Warcraft experience,

Best ELVUI Interfaces for World Of Warcraf Dragonflight Patch 10 1
Here are the best ELVUI interfaces for Dragonflight patch 10.1! | © Blizzard

It’s patchday! Loads of new things to do, even more to discover, and you're ready to jump onto your dragon and dive into the new content from patch 10.1.

But there is one big problem: You log in, and your screen is cluttered with random stuff. Yesterday's addons are betraying you!

No worries though, we got you: Just download ELVUI here and load one of the setups below – and your game will look better than it ever did before.

Top 5 Best ELVUIs

Here you can find our top 5 ELVUIs:

1. LuckyoneUI Dragonflight – DPS & Tanks

This is one of the cleanest UIs for all DPS and Tank players. Every class and spec is covered and loads automatically when you select it. You only need ELVUI and LuckyoneUI downloaded into your Addon Folder, import the string from wago and you are ready to go!

2. Luckyone UI Dragonflight – Healing

Same as our first choice – but for our beloved healing friends. Save lives and download this super clean overview of your ally HP bars with debuff and cooldown trackers already implemented.

3. AfenarUI

If you are not just a DPS, Tank or Healer main, but want one clean setup for all your characters, we can only suggest AfenarUI. This one does it all. Just import ELVUI and the code string on wago and go help the mole people in 10.1!

4. Frawtarius’ Naowh-Inspired UI

We all know and love Naowh – but may not have the money to subscribe to his Twitch to get his UI setup. Here you can find the nearest thing. Follow the description in the link and you will be setup in no time. Disclaimer: You do need Plater and WeakAuras installed as well.

5. Not Healing Things

A bit more complex, but what a cool looking UI. Check this one out if you want to play around a bit in your settings while getting assistance live on discord if you need it! We can definitely recommend this solution and also the help you will get from the community in the linked discord.

So – what are you still doing here? The aspects need your help so go and live your best World of Warcraft live on the Dragon Isles in Patch 10.1. We will see you there!