World of Warcraft Writer Working on New Game

The mastermind behind the penmanship of World of Warcraft, is now lending her skills to a new game: Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Beyond good evil 2
As long as the afro is a thing. | © Beyond Good & Evil 2

There have been many rumors regarding Beyond God & Evil 2, and we have reported on all of them. More often than not, people assumed that Beyond Good & Evil 2 was bound to be canceled, but it turns out that the game is alive and well, and just hired its lead writer in Sarah Arellano.

Was Beyond Good & Evil 2 Canceled?

In case you didn't know, or the headline didn't make it clear enough: Sarah Arellano was the narrative designer on World of Warcraft, and was also involved in Saints Row and Vainglory. A solid resume, if you ask me, and one that makes it abundantly clear that Beyond Good & Evil 2 was not canceled.

Outside of now knowing who to blame if the story doesn't turn out to be good, we know next to nothing about Beyond Good & Evil 2. Aside from the initial announcement at E3 2018, the main news about the game have been about people wondering if it got canceled. Still, that initial announcement involved a gameplay demo, that we don't want to keep from you:

So, not too long ago, I would've urged you to not hold your breath on any of this coming to fruition, but now it seems like we can truly rest easy and be certain that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will really happen.