Yes, Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Still Happening – Playtest Coming Soon

Beyond Good & Evil has been in pre-production for forever, but... the game was never cancelled, and it is still not cancelled. Here's what you need to know.

Beyond good and evil 2 release date
Not gonna lie: This looks like the most badass character ever. Periodt, with a T. | © Guillaume Arvieu

Beyond Good & Evil 2 has become the new poster child for development hell. It's gotten to the point, where the safer bet would be to assume that the game was simply scrapped, but now a report by Bloomberg confirms that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is actually still in development.

[Update: July 12]

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Playtest Coming Soon

It has been confirmed that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still alive (more on that below), now we got another report supplying a life sign for the much-anticipated Ubisoft game. According to everyone's favorite leaker, the ever reliable Tom Henderson, BGE2 will get a playtest soon.

According to Henderson's report, "several sources have since said that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is indeed still in development and the game will be starting external playtesting this month." Hell yeah! That is a good sign for the game, which has been in development hell for ages, amounting to a whopping 9 (!) years of development.

This playtest doesn't seem to be public, unlike the current Skate 4 test that has been run by EA. We, and by that I mean Mr. Tom, also don't know how far into development Beyond Good & Evil 2 currently is. We hope to see it at the upcoming Ubisoft showcase, if only in the form of a small trailer. Please, Yves... do it for the culture.

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Still in Pre-Production

The game was first revealed at the E3 2017, a decade after the first word of a sequel were uttered in 2008. Back then, the game promised a multi-planet world, populated by dynamically generated characters. A big promise, that, thus far, never came to be, but still has us hoping.

The last we officially heard of Beyond Good & Evil 2 was in 2021, when Ubisoft flat-out said it's "too early" to give us details. Yes, too early, they said, after the game was first teased in 2008 – 14 years ago.

If you're not familiar with the original Beyond Good & Evil, the game was released in 2003 for the GameCube, the Xbox, and the PlayStation. The game is set in 2435 and revolves around Jade and her uncle, Pey'j – a pig, and not in the sense that he's a pervert, no, an actual pig. For its time, the game's world and traversal was mind-blowing, and it was a mature game without being violent, but rather due to telling a great story, and having memorable characters. I mean, ultimately, you can figure that the original was good, or else, why would a game that's been teased for 14 years still be hotly anticipated?