Early Version Of Skate 4 Leaks Online For All To Play

An early version of Skate 4 was uploaded and shared online. Players who tried the game have been sharing gameplay details with the community. It's sounding like this is going to be a fantastic Skate game.

Skate 4 leaked gameplay
We're glad to see these kinds of games still being made. | © EA

Obviously, we aren't going to share mirror sites with you to download the early version of Skate 4. That would be illegal, and EA will be acting swiftly to try and put this fire out. But quite a few players did get their hands on it, so we can share a lot of the gameplay details with you. And FYI, if you want to play Skate 4 you can just sign up to be a playtester and try the game legally (we've got all the playtest details here). So, let's get into the juicy nitty-gritty of Skate 4, and see whether we should be excited or not.

Playtest Copy Of Skate 4 Leaked Online

An early version of Skate 4 was shared online, and it allowed players to skate around in one untextured area of the map, on servers that could support up to 60 players. The area was called Fun City, and here are the biggest gameplay details that players were sharing online:

  • The city you play in seems massive
  • Bus stops act as fast travel points around the map
  • You can choose to push with the sticks (for the first time in the Skate franchise)
  • There is a decent amount of character customization with clothing and accessories
  • There is a "home park", a kind of private training ground on the map
Skate 4 leaked version
A group of virtual skaters enjoying the untextured world of Skate 4. | © EA
  • There is a theater mode, as well as video editing tools
  • An in-game currency seems to be in the game, but details are hazy
  • The game seems to feel slightly faster than Skate 3
  • Realistic audio and birds chirping already implemented

It's all good stuff, and even better, one playtester said the game might be free-to-play. They claimed to have played the early version of Skate 4, and said that design elements in the game made them think it was going to be f2p. But whether it is or it isn't, we wouldn't expect to get this game before 2023 based on the leaked footage we've seen.

A bunch of images has been shared online as well. In these, you can see features like the editor as well as a menu showing the different options for how to play Skate 4. You can just start skating, create your own levels or hang out with your buddies. It looks really fun and we can't wait to play it for ourselves.

Check out the fun reveal trailer for Skate here: