EA To Start Skate 4 Beta Very Soon

Skate 4 is nearing the end of development, and we've just heard about a beta starting soon. Here's everything we know about the playtest for Skate 4 and a guide to signing-up.
Skate 4 beta
What can we expect from this masterpiece? | © EA
Skate 4 is going to take us back to a simpler time. But it's going to do it in the right way (we hope). Honestly, this game could be as nostalgic as Ratchet and Clank was, as long as it can avoid the mistakes of the recently remastered GTA: Trilogy. Okay, okay, now we're just getting over-excited, and you're here to find out about the Skate 4 beta. The playtest is starting soon, and you can sign up to be a part of it. Here's how.

When Is The Skate 4 Beta?

[Update, June 29, 2022]

The man, the myth, the legend Tom Henderson is back at it again and has tweeted the time frame in which playtesting will be held.

As you can see, playtesting will be from July 4th till July 8th. Seems like we're really getting some Skate 4 goodies very, very soon!

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The Skate 4 beta is expected to start in a few weeks, we know this because EA's remote playtesters have started to receive surveys about skating games. The playtesters are always asked about their gaming interests a few weeks before any beta, this is so EA can get an idea of whether the person will be appropriate for the upcoming test.

The Skate 4 pre-beta survey was shared by this playtester on a throwaway Reddit account:

EA Likely To Start Playtesting for Skate 4 Soon from GamingLeaksAndRumours

And according to commenters, onsite testing already began months ago. So we're now 99% certain EA's playtesters will be getting their hands on this very soon.

How Can You Join The Skate 4 Beta?

If you sign up for at-home playtesting with EA, and if you are lucky enough to be selected, then you will be invited to an interview. If they still want you to playtest after the interview, then you will be asked to sign an NDA and given a window of time when you can play the game at home before answering follow-up questions.

They are very guarded about how they pick play testers. But here is the sign-up link. There are testing locations in the US and the UK but for the rest of the world, you will need to sign up as an 'at-home' tester. Best of luck