Skate 4 Major Gameplay Leak

So, Skate 4 just had a major gameplay leak and while it's still in its very early stages, it looks pretty good! Here is everything you need to know!
Skate 4 gameplay leak 2
It looks good, ngl. | © EA

Do you remember Skate 4? The game that was announced two years ago already? Successor to the amazing Skate 3 that came out in 2010? Yep, that game just had a major gameplay leak and while the original tweet has since been deleted, Jeff Grubb uploaded it to his Twitter (you're the man, Jeff).

Before we show you the tweet, I want you to remember that this is pre-alpha footage. This means it's in its very early stages of development. The game will NOT look like this once it's finished.

Not gonna lie, even with pre-alpha footage like that, the game looks pretty cool already. The animations look super smooth and are a great first taste of what's to come. I personally haven't played skating games since my teen years, but maybe Skate 4 will be my re-introduction to the genre.

When Is The Skate 4 Release Date?

Like I mentioned above, Skate 4 was announced in 2020. If the leaked footage is the current state of the game, then don't expect Skate 4 to release in 2022. Given that FIFA always releases in autumn and that's obviously EA's priority, we'd estimate Skate 4 to release early-mid 2024.

Of course, the leaked footage could have been recorded months ago and maybe the game is further ahead than what we believe. Still, two years is a very short time to develop a game, especially in times like these, where everyone would rather put out a polished game than receive the CDPR treatment.

Though, I do want to remind you that EA is working on the Sims 4 and that game sucks hard, with modders having to do all the work that the developers should have done in the first place, so who knows...