EA Working on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Competition

Skate 4 is coming, and I didn't even know there ever were 3 Skate games before this... Oh, well... somebody's hyped somewhere, I'm sure.
Ea skate 4
More skate with period coming. | © EA

So apparently, there have been 3 Skate games already, because EA just announced that Skate 4 is launching quite soon. Don't hate me for this, but the only skating game that ever really mattered in my non-skating universe was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. I know that there was one Skate game at some point, I just didn't know that we're at number 4 already...

Skate 4 Confirmed By EA

The source of this one is an earnings call, which confirmed the game and revealed the approach EA is taking: Skate 4 will, at its core, focus on user-generated content. They want users to put their content into the game's ecosystem, and here's why this user generated content is so important to EA:

Again, it's been at the very center of The Sims for a long time. It's at the very center of mode like FIFA Ultimate Team and Madden Ultimate Team, to the very center of the design of Skate, which we'll be launching soon.

It's interesting that EA would announce a Skate 4 drop coming soon, since... there's literally been no news about it whatsoever. Will this be the Skate to finally make us forget Tony Hawk's Pro Skater? Or will some other writer write an article about Skate 5 a couple of years from now, and wonder why he missed out on Skate 2, 3, and 4...? I assume the latter, but I'm open for surprises.

Despite EA announcing the game to release soon, we have not gotten an exact release date, so 'soon' is officially open for interpretation.