Which Gaming Company Is Bought Next? Here's How Much Each Is Worth

The gaming world is on fire, with Microsoft and Sony buying publishers left and right. After Microsoft bought Activision, Sony made a statement, buying Bungie. Now it seems that more is to come, but who's next?

Sony Bungie
Who's next? | © Sony

Alright, so Sony just bought Bungie. Big deal alert! Billions were exchanged, and now the Halo dev works for the PlayStation folks. Crazy. Just as crazy as Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard two weeks ago. Yet, despite all the craziness, there are many reports that this is not the end of the line. That none of these billion dollar purchases was the one to end them all, and that the biggest is yet to come.

Who Will Microsoft & Sony Buy Next

Jim Ryan, the PlayStation bossman himself, has said that "we should expect more" when it comes to more PlayStation acquisitions, and industry insider Jeff Grubb is also teasing an even bigger acquisition:

Now, I know what you're thinking: 'I deciphered the code, he's talking about Take-Two', but it was specifically stated in the tweet itself, plus elsewhere, that Jeff Grubb is not referring to a Take-Two acquisition. Who it is, is anybody's guess at this point, and, also, Jeff Grubb is not specifying whether this acquisition will be made by Microsoft or Sony.

One theory making the rounds is that Jeff Grubb is referring to Capcom, since the only clue he gave us was 'It Takes Two To Tango', which just so happens to be the name of a trophy in Resident Evil 5.

One thing that has me doubtful though is this: Two multi-billion dollar acquisitions of the largest magnitude go unnoticed, but now Jeff Grubb's podcast has the inside scoop on what the next acquisition will be? It seems highly doubtful, which is also why speculating doesn't really make much sense. But just in case you're wondering, here's how much some other companies are worth:

Market Worth of Gaming Companies

  • Capcom: $4.9 billion
  • CDPR: $4.9 billion
  • Square Enix: $5.9 billion
  • Konami: $6 billion
  • Ubisoft: $7 billion
  • Bandai Namco: $15 billion
  • Take-Two: $18 billion
  • EA: $38 billion

Or, you know, maybe Microsoft decides to buy Sony, which they arguably could. Microsoft is worth $2.3 trillion, while Sony's worth is a measly $143 billion...