Everything About Sony's Game Pass Competitor Leaked

A new YouTube video claims to have leaked everything about Sony's Game Pass competitor, known by the codename Spartacus. Is this leak legit? Let's check it out!

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We might have all the info on Sony's Game Pass competitor here! | © Obeida Zakzak

Considering how fantastic Game Pass is and how successful Microsoft's recent strategies have turned out to be, it's no surprise that Sony would be working on a competitor to the service. Thanks to recent leaks, we know that Sony are in fact doing that, and that the service has the codename Spartacus. Like I said... just makes sense, right? Still, the tech giant has been weirdly silent and still hasn't said anything about Spartacus or a service like that. Nothing. Nada. Zen Zen. Guys, why so secretive? It's all gonna leak out anyway, right?

Everything About Sony's Game Pass Competitor Leaked

That's what seems to have happened here, with one YouTube channel claiming that they have leaked everything about Sony's Game Pass competitor. This leak was spotted by someone on famed video game forum ResetEra. In this thread, a user posted a video from the YouTube channel named "PlayStation Portal", which contains all the deets of this leak.

The video claims to have all this info from a PlayStation Blog post, that by now has been removed. According to this info, Sony's Game Pass competitor will be called PlayStation Infinite and they provided this quote from the blog post:

Take your Playstation gaming to the next level with Playstation Infinite. All existing PS+ and PS Now subscriptions will convert to Playstation Infinite Gold for the remainder of your active subscription.

Now... listen. This is all fun, and we all want to know more about Sony's Game Pass competitor. Of course we do. And we love reporting on leaks. But we also check their viability and I have to be honest... this doesn't sound very legit. We can actually imagine that it might be called something like PlayStation Infinite, because there is no way in hell that it will be Spartacus. Also, the service will probably fold PS Plus and PS Now into one.

But this is a random YouTube channel, without any indication, that the people behind the channel have any insider access, and who claim to have seen a blog post, which was somehow missed by everyone else... This ain't it, chief. Still, despite my jabbering, all of this might be true. We will keep our ears and eyes out and report on anything new about Sony's Game Pass competitor.