So, Will Halo Be A PlayStation Exclusive Now?

Sony bought Bungie. That's... huge. Also, it will have repercussions in the gaming scene, and one title comes to mind immediately: Halo. Is Halo now a Sony exclusive game.

Halo sony
The Master Chief on PlayStation, though? Feels wrong. | © Sony, Microsoft

I love Sony buying Bungie. Not necessarily because it makes a lot of sense in terms of the developer's gaming prowess, because... it doesn't. Bungie created Halo, which is huge, and then came up with Destiny, which is as much of a mess, as it is successful. Aside from that, Bungie isn't exactly a top-tier developer, nor do they have the sheer amount of IPs that Activision Blizzard has. From a superficial gaming point of view, this doesn't make a lot of sense, nor shift the pieces dramatically. From an emotional point of view though... Sony buying Bungie is the biggest 'f**** you' they could've possibly dreamt up, and I love it.

Will Halo Be A PlayStation Exclusive Now

The short answer is: No. Yes, Bungie did develop Halo, but Microsoft bought Bungie and owns the intellectual property to the Halo franchise. So, while Sony bought the manpower behind Halo, they didn't buy the Halo name. That means that we will not see Halo on the PlayStation.

Besides, Bungie already revealed that all games currently in development will not become PlayStation exclusives:

No. We want the worlds we are creating to extend to anywhere people play games. We will continue to be self-published, creatively independent, and we will continue to drive one, unified Bungie community.

It'll be interesting to see whether this is only true for games already in development, or if this will remain true for all future Bungie projects.