Xbox Is Working On A Monster Hunter Game With Halo Devs

Microsoft is on a tear these days, and now it's being reported that Halo devs are working on a Monster Hunter-like game, exclusively for the Xbox.

Monster hunter xbox
Just hunting monsters in a thong. No big deal. | © Keyi Li, ArtStation

Certain Affinity has been working with Microsoft since 2007, and has been a support studio for many Halo games. Now, the developer is working on a game code named Project Suerte.

Xbox Gets Exclusive Monster Hunter Game

Project Suerte is a game openly inspired by Monster Hunter, that has been in development since 2020, likely to be released in 2024. This was reported by Windows Central, and has been confirmed since. They even go on to detail that we'll likely be getting a reveal in 2023, though it is unclear what will be revealed. If we are to assume that it follows Monster Hunter's formula closely, then we can expect multiplayer action, where you co-op with your friends and take down huge monsters in an endless grind for loot and gear.

While we don't know much more about the game, we do know a little about the developer: Certain Affinity has been working on the Halo series, and also on games such as Doom, and Left 4 Dead. This bodes well for Project Suerte, since Halo is obviously dope af, and Doom is an amazing shooter, while Left 4 Dead proves that they can handle the multiplayer elements that come with a Monster Hunter-like game.

Interestingly, all of their games are shooters, so a betting-man would put money on the fact that this Xbox Monster Hunter game will involve guns, rather than the melee action we've learned to love from the original.

Either way, this is another huge win for Microsoft and Xbox, and another game that sweetens the best deal in gaming that is Game Pass (only $1, y'all), and it hopefully serves as more motivation for Sony, because we all know that competition can be what really makes gaming thrive.