The Best New Goal Celebrations In FIFA 23

We have listed the best new goal celebrations in FIFA 23, and show you how to use them!

FIFA 23 best goal celebrations
The best goal celebrations and how to do them! | © EA Sports

EA Sports have recently revealed the numbers for the FIFA 23 release and with it came not only sales and matches played overall, but also the most used goal celebrations. The newly upgraded Ones to Watch cards might be able to make the difference and help you score more goals and use these celebrations afterwards!

New Goal Celebrations In FIFA 23 And How To Do Them

If you're scoring a 90th minute winner in FUT Champions, you have to celebrate it properly. For that, you can choose from more than 100 different celebrations, which can be executed through different button combinations. Huge stars like Cristiano Ronaldo or Kylian Mbappé have their very own signature moves. To use these, simply press X on PlayStation or A on Xbox. If you're enjoying the goal too much, and just press the circle button on PS or B on Xbox, your player will celebrate with the goal celebration you selected in the stadium section of the FUT Menu.

All 7 New Goal Celebrations

Here are all the new celebrations and the button combinations to execute them

Goal Celebration

Button Combination

Arm SwingHold L1/LB and flick R ⇨⇦

Billionaire Slut

Hold L1/LB and hold R ⇩
Eye of the StormHold R1/RB and spin R to the left
GamerHold R1/RB and flick R ⇨⇦
GriddyHold R2/RT and flick R⇧⇧
Slide & FlexHold R1/RB and hold R ⇩
Slide SaluteHold R1/RB and hold R ⇨

The most used celebration is the Griddy, as you will have probably experienced yourself. The celebration, which was invented by Allen Davis and made popular by NFL star Justin Jefferson, really annoys your opponent. If you then also use the most annoying players in FUT 23, rage quits are basically guaranteed. Apart from the Griddy, there are also a lot of other celebrations. Just try them out and find your very own signature move.

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