FIFA 23: 83+ x10 Upgrade SBC Causes Massive Transfer Market Hype

EA Sports has just released a new 83+ x10 Upgrade SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and the transfer market is going crazy right now. Here's everything you need to know about the SBC in FUT... just continue reading, it's worth it!

Ugrade SBC
Check out the new 83+ x10 Upgrade SBC in FUT. | EarlyGame / EA Sports

We hope you're already prepared for TOTY as it's the biggest event FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has to offer. If not, then the 83+ x10 Upgrade SBC is the perfect opportunity to do so. Save up some nice packs for the best players of the year, or spend them right now in hope for some FUT Centurions.

Most of the community seems to want to complete the SBC, as the prices of some players have skyrocketed overnight. Here's how to get your packs, how much you have to pay and if it's actually worth it.

FIFA 23 83+ x10 Upgrade SBC Explained

The brand-new SBC will only be available for a couple of hours, but at least it's repeatable. If you get at least two of these special packs, your changes of packing players from your wildest and wettest dreams will be higher. So... what are you waiting for?

Right now, the Squad Building Challenge costs about 50K, which is more than we expected. But, if you've got enough fodder in your club, you'll get it done a lot cheaper. You can also re-use the fodder from the first pack for your second try.

In our opinion, you should definitely wait and keep the packs until TOTY starts. If you want to know about the exact release date and how to vote, you can check out our dedicated Team of the Year article. Let's dive in the SBC requirements.

83+ x10 Upgrade SBC Requirements

According to FUTBIN, the SBC currently costs a bit more than 50K coins. You're required to exchange an 84-rated squad with one inform player and three cards with at least 85 OVR.

SBC Bedingungen
Here are the requirements for the 83+ x10 Upgrade SBC. | @ Futbin

The Challenge's been upvoted by 70 % of the community, which is a decent indicator for cheap deals.

83+ x10 Upgrade SBC Creates Massive Transfer Market Hype

Just a few minutes after the SBC got released, the transfer market went nuts. The price of 85-rated player objects skyrocketed – which is obviously due to the SBC requirements we just mentioned. Need an example? Here's the hourly graph of Yann Sommer before, during, and after EA Sports released the Challenge.

Yann Sommer's Average Price Graph

Yann Sommer Verlauf
Yann Sommer's hourly graph is just crazy. | @ FUTBIN

You could get 85 OVR Yann Sommer for about 8-9K a couple of days ago, but now he's almost extinct at 15-16K. If you're a trader and managed to save some high-rated players... GG! And if not, you can learn from this and buy a couple of 85-, 86- or 87-rated when they're pretty cheap. You can find even more FIFA 23 trading tips on our website.

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