FIFA 23: Ronaldo Flashback SBC - Farewell Of The GOAT?

Siuuu! Cristiano Ronaldo gets a flashback SBC in FIFA 23. Is this perhaps the last playable card of the superstar? We show you the most favourable SBC solution - if you should complete this SBC at all.

CR7 Flashback FIFA 23
CR7 is celebrated with a flashback SBC in FIFA 23. | © EA / EG

Finally some content for FIFA 23 is announced: Cristiano Ronaldo gets a Flashback SBC. The Portuguese superstar SBC will be released at the same time as the FIFA 23 WC Team of the Tournament. It has to be said: CR7 has of course no business in the Team of the Tournament, the old master was unfortunately disappointingly weak at this World Cup. Slowly, you get the feeling that Ronaldo's time is running out.

That's probably exactly what EA is thinking, which is why they're releasing the Squad Building Challenge. This could actually be the last playable card of Ronaldo, in the picture above you can see the official stats. After his contract termination, it is unclear until now where Ronaldo will continue his career. Maybe his new club is not in FIFA 23, so as a fanboy you should not miss this SBC. The body type and his running style are unique and will also make this card really dangerous.

FIFA 23: Ronaldo Flashback SBC

The Cristiano Ronaldo Flashback SBC will be available soon in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The well-known leaker FUT Sheriff has once again robbed EA of a surprise, what do you want to do. After Lionel Messi the next GOAT will get a flashback SBC. We don't want to start a GOAT discussion here, who was or is better, it doesn't matter at all, the important thing is that we were able to watch Messi and Ronaldo play football during their lifetime.

Ronaldo Flashback SBC

If you looked a little closer at the thumbnail, you might have thought to yourself, Portugal as a club, are they stupid? Nope, you're looking at it exactly right. Much like Luis Suárez, Edison Cavani or Dani Alves, CR7 has his national team as a club. The reason is probably that Ronaldo's contract with Manchester United has been terminated and they can't just pack him into Sporting, Real Madrid or Juventus' club. Hence the rather impractical solution with Portugal. CR7 will be very hard to link with that, you'll inevitably have to field multiple Portuguese in your team.

Ronaldo Flashback SBC: Stats And Price

Cristiano Ronaldo costs a whopping 500,000 coins! EA, are you crazy? That's a sick exaggeration...



Weak Foot4

500.000 Coins

Is The Ronaldo Flashback SBC Worth It?

The Ronaldo Flashback SBC is definitely not worth it. 500,000 coins is way too expensive, even if he has good stats. But he is so hard to link, so the 500k for the SBC hurts a lot. It's better to invest it in other cards, as he "only" has an 87.

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