FIFA Ultimate Team: The Worst Promos In History

The new FIFA 23 Ultimate Team promo called Centurions hasn't really gone down well with the community so far. "But most FIFA players are used to a bad promo event by now anyway", EA is thinking right now. That's what we are talking about today: Here are the worst FIFA promos of the last years for you!

FIFA Worst FUT Promos
Here are some of the worst FUT promos of all time. | © EG / EA

All FIFA players know it: EA Sports drops another dead promo and all motivation for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and the Weekend League is gone. The only thing that can motivate you is the Team of the Year, which is coming soon by the way.

But not only bad cards with weird stats make you mad, sometimes EA just releases teams that are completely useless. We'll show you the worst promo events in FIFA history.

The Worst Promos in FUT History

We have some good (or bad?) stuff for you today. You may have already forgotten about some of those promos. And you are damn right to do so, cause they were really bad. You will also read about a promo from 2023, the FUT Centurions. What was EA thinking there?

FIFA 19 Scream

The Halloween Scream Promo has already celebrated its premiere in FIFA 17. In FIFA 19 the event was just in time for Halloween. Here, all players had the stat 99 on two attributes, which looks quite tempting. But this is deceptive, the stat 99 is only activated on certain occasions in connection with something spooky like Halloween or once a month on full moon. In other words, for the rest of the year, these cards were complete trash.

Fifa19 Scream
FIFA 19 Scream Team, not so spooky. | © Futhead

FIFA 19: Carniball

The Carniball Event in FIFA 19 means nothing to you? Don't worry, it doesn't have to. It is one of the more unnecessary promo events ever. That's why the whole thing doesn't exist anymore. Neymar, Mertens and Jesus were playable, the rest looks pretty weak for March. A classic example of wasted potential (the card design is nice at least).

Fifa19 Carniball
FUT Carniball? Nah! | © Futhead

FIFA 22: Silver Stars

What was originally only seen as a gap filler has now appeared in FIFA 22 as an independent promo. One week of content around silver players. The community's opinion of the Silver Stars promo was quite split. Some saw the event as cool and something new. Others described it as the worst promo event of the year.

The reason for this was, of course, that the Silver Stars are unplayable in any other mode except Silver Cups and could not compete with the Mbappés and Icons in the Weekend League.

FIFA 22 Silver Stars
Nice for silver cup merchants only. | ©EarlyGame / EA Sports

FIFA 22: Numbers Up

Possibly the worst FIFA promo ever. This is a cooperation between EA and Adidas. The players shown with Adidas contracts received a boost up to 99 on one stat over a longer period of time.

However, these upgrades came far too late in the year, so by the time the final upgrades were made, these cards had long since ceased to be relevant. The whole concept was simply not well thought out and was a huge flop for the community.

The worst FIFA Promo of all time. | © EA Sports

FIFA 23: Centurions

A gap filler, once again before the Team of the Year. EA wants to continue to make money, so they throw in Neymar. That sums up the Centurions promo pretty well. It's a shame, though, because the idea is cool, but once again it's just badly implemented.

The Centurions are players who have reached certain milestones in their career. All Centurions have played, scored, given or played in at least 100 games, goals, assists or games for their club.

The event has been poorly received and most of the cards are simply not playable.

FIFA 23 FUT Centurions
Centurions? Nein danke! | EA Sports

Those were by far the worst FIFA promos of all time. Do you agree with our selection? Leave us a comment!

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