Bad News For FIFA 24: Infantino Shares Strange Statement

Gianni Infantino is re-elected as FIFA president and spoke about the football game plans of the World Football Federation. While him using the word "egame" took the spotlight, his statement could also mean we won't see a FIFA 24 at all.

FIFA 24 Infantino egame
FIFA president Gianni Infantino speaks about FIFA's future. And it doesn't look good for FIFA 24. | © EA Sports/Earlygame

EA Sports will no longer make new games for their FIFA series. Instead, their new game for fall 2023 will be released under the new name EAFC 24. But this doesn't mean the end of FIFA. The World Football Federation has the naming rights and is planning on developing their own football game.

While we haven't heard news for quite a while, Gianni Infantino has now spoken about the future of the FIFA games. And it doesn't look good for FIFA 24... one thing is clear, though: the lad doesn't know shit about gaming.


Infantino On FIFA's Gaming Plans: "Best Egame For Any Girl Or Boy"

While he was re-elected as FIFA president, he shared the following statement:

Well. First of all, what the heck is an "egame"?

Maybe he didn't want to mention "eFootball" as it's their competitor's game by Konami. But the guy is 52 years old, fair enough. He probably mixed up eSport and gaming. And is still a bit confused about the whole process. Because he speaks about going in "head-to-head with EA Sports" – and yet doesn't speak about FIFA 24.

While we know that EA Sports was busy and secured first deals with clubs and leagues as well as prolonged contracts with the FIFPro (to implement all players with original names and faces), we still have not heard something about the developers of FIFA 24 (or 25, 26 and so on).

So we are still not sure whether we will see a FIFA game later this year. But we have a suggestion for their presentation of their egame. "EE EEE EEEEEEE"

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