EA Sports FC 24 On Nintendo Switch: Price, Release Date, New Game Modes And New Engine

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular game consoles there is. In this article we have all the info on EA FC 24 on the Switch: the price, the release date and why Switch players can look forward to a new engine.

EA FC 24 Switch
We have all the information about EA FC 24 on the Nintendo Switch! | © EG / EA / Nintendo

EA Sports FC 24 is the successor to FIFA 23 from EA Sports. That should already be known to all loyal readers. But what you don't know yet is whether EA FC 24 will also be developed for the Nintendo Switch.

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We have good news for you because EA FC 24 will be developed for the Nintendo Switch and released at the end of September. And it gets even better: leaks suggest that you can look forward to a new gameplay engine! More details are available below in the article.

All Information About EA Sports FC 24 On The Nintendo Switch

Most gamers play FIFA, or rather EA FC 24, on consoles or on the PC because the gameplay is much better and smoother there thanks to the next-gen engine. But the Switch offers an advantage that other platforms almost envy: you can also play while being outside.

It's just a chill feeling to sit somewhere in the park, have your Switch with you, and play a FIFA match against a friend. Or let's say even Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, or Pokémon.

This makes the Nintendo Switch one of the most popular consoles among gamers. Since its release in 2017, FIFA has also been developed for the Switch every year. Compared to other platforms, the upgrades from game to game have been rather disappointing. That is about to change now!

EA Sports FC 24 Release Date For The Nintendo Switch

EA Sports FC 24 is scheduled to be released on September 29, 2023, for the Nintendo Switch, simultaneously with the Standard Edition for consoles and PC. The Switch version will no longer be called a Legacy Edition. That name was used for FIFA 23 to differentiate it from the console versions.

Since leakers have announced a new gameplay mechanic for EA FC 24 on the Switch, the much-criticized Legacy Edition will likely be a thing of the past.

In the past, there has been no Ultimate Edition, and it is expected to be the same this year. That means there will also be no pre-order bonuses for the Switch. Furthermore, there will also be no early access for the Switch.

But Switch users probably won't mind, as the focus here is on the fun of the game rather than the gameplay.

EA FC 24 Prices For The Switch

EA FC Standard EditionSeptember 29
  • Dual Entitlement (Old & Next Gen)
  • Cover Star as Loan Player (FUT)
  • Male Ambassador Loan (FUT)
  • Female Ambassador Loan (FUT)
  • Clubs PlayStyles Slot
  • Player Career Personality Points
  • Manager Career 5-Star Coach
  • PS5 & Xbox X|S
  • PC (EA App, Steam, Epic, Stadia)
  • PS4 & Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
EA FC 24 Switch
EA Sports FC 24 Nintendo Switch | © EA Sports/Nintendo

FC 24 Comes With A New Gameplay Engine For The Switch

Leakers have announced the long-awaited gameplay upgrade for the Nintendo Switch for EA FC 24! So far, the old Ignite engine has been used for the Switch. The gameplay was smooth, but still far from the standards of the Frostbite engine.

Which engine will be used for the FC 24 Nintendo Switch Edition is still unclear. However, Nintendo players can look forward to improved gameplay that will be a lot of fun on the Switch!

FC 24 Nintendo Switch Edition: New Game Modes Announced

The improved gameplay is not the only innovation that Switch nerds can look forward to, as new game modes have also been announced for EA FC 24! Leaker EAFC Insider reports the following new game modes:

  • My Nintendo Switch Online / Career
  • Nintendo Switch Online Co-Op
  • Nintendo Switch Online Custom Match

What exactly awaits us in these new modes remains to be seen. Once we have more information, we will update this article for you.

Nintendo Switch: EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team has been the most popular game mode in FIFA and will also be the most popular game mode in EA Sports FC. You can also play Ultimate Team on the Nintendo Switch.

You just need to keep in mind that the Switch has its own transfer market, where prices can differ significantly from those on consoles. This makes sense, as there are far fewer players on the Switch compared to consoles. So, you may have to pay exorbitant prices for some badges or jerseys.

Other than that, you get the same user experience on the Switch as on consoles. The foundation of FUT is the same.

EA FC 24: Nintendo Switch Crossplay

Crossplay is unfortunately not possible with the Switch. But there is a logical explanation for this: the Switch uses a completely different engine than the old-gen, next-gen, and PC versions. If you don't have the same gameplay, you can't play together.

But since the Switch is a console designed for playing with friends, you don't need the crossplay feature either.

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