EA FC 24: Ultimate Edition & Standard Edition Comparison

What are the differences between the Standard Edition and the Ultimate Edition of EA Sports FC 24? We've done the comparison and show you the different prices and bonuses you get in each edition.

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EA Sports FC 24: What are the differences between the Standard and Ultimate Edition? | © EC / EA

As you can already pre-order EA Sports FC 24, we're here to explain the differences between the Standard Edition and the Ultimate Edition. We'll break down the costs, early access dates, and whether the unique bonuses justify the price.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition & Standard Edition

Let's first briefly explain which editions and versions of EA Sports FC to expect. We won't go into details about the Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch, we've written an own article about EA FC 24 on the Nintendo Switch. However, due to the Switch's lower performance, the gaming experience is also likely to be less exciting.

There are two main versions of EA Sports FC to choose from: The Standard Edition and the Ultimate Edition.

In previous years, there was also a Champions Edition, but EA has limited itself to just two versions in recent years. These two versions differ in terms of release dates, prices and the bonuses you get when you pre-order the game.

EA FC 24: Pros And Cons Of The Standard Edition

The profile of a Standard Edition buyer: If you play FIFA occasionally and don't want to invest too much, then this version is exactly the right one for you.

You don't care if you get the game a few days before the public release and you don't need any extras ing-ame. For that you rather pay a little bit less money (please don't use the saved money for FUT Points).

You can either pre-order the version and get small bonuses, or buy it in a shop at some point.

It could be that the Standard Edition is not available as download in the store. This assumption is based on the fact that the standard version of F1 23 cannot be downloaded digitally. You might want to keep an eye on this for EA FC 24 as well.

EA FC Standard EditionSeptember 29
  • Dual Entitlement (Old & Next Gen)
  • Cover Star as Loan Player (FUT)
  • Male Ambassador Loan (FUT)
  • Female Ambassador Loan (FUT)
  • Clubs PlayStyles Slot
  • Player Career Personality Points
  • Manager Career 5-Star Coach
  • PS5 & Xbox X|S
  • PC (EA App, Steam, Epic, Stadia)
  • PS4 & Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch

EA FC 24: Pros And Cons Of The Ultimate Edition

The profile of an Ultimate Edition buyer: You're an insane tryhard who spends like 1000 hours playing Ultimate Team.

You can't wait to play the game at all, which is why you even subscribe to EA Play Plus to get more in-game bonuses.

You are a collector who has bought every FIFA Ultimate Edition so far. That's why it's worth it to you to pay a premium. You will spend the 4600 FUT Points directly on day 1.

EA FC Ultimate EditionSeptember 22
  • 7 Days Early Access
  • TOTW 1 Player Item
  • 4600 FUT Points (FUT)
  • UCL/UWCLHero Item (FUT)
  • Access to Nike Ultimate Team Campaign (FUT)
  • Nike Ultimate Team Loan Item (FUT)

EA FC 24: Standard Or Ultimate Edition – Which One Is better?

As a casual gamer, you should definitely not buy the Ultimate Edition, because the game is still the same, but you pay less money. You only have to live without various bonuses, which of course the FIFA sweat should not miss out on. So it all depends on how much time you want to invest in EA FC 24.

If you only play the game for around 100 hours a year, then the Standard Edition is completely sufficient. If you plan to spend more time gaming, then you should dig a little deeper into your pocket and buy the Ultimate Edition.

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