EA Sports FC: Female Players Get Icon Cards In Ultimate Team

We have already reported that women will be playable for the first time in a football simulation from EA Sports in Ultimate Team. Now it is clear: There will also be female icons!

Ea sports fc women icons
There will be female icons in EA Sports FC! | © FUTSheriff / EG

The "new" FIFA 24, EA Sports FC, will introduce women to Ultimate Team for the first time. But there is even better news, as the best female players from days gone by will be celebrated with icon cards! So you can not only play the current best female players in the world, but also legends like Abby Wambach, Marta, Birgit Prinz and Co!

Exactly which players will receive icon cards is still unclear. EA has to secure the corresponding licenses first. In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team there are far more than 100 male icons, but not all of them were there from the beginning and more are only added from year to year. So you shouldn't expect a huge selection of legendary female players straight away.

Women Icons In EA Sports FC

There are consistent leaks from several sources via Twitter that women will get icons in EA Sports FC. It is not yet clear which players they will be. Just as open is the question to what extent women will be included in Ultimate Team. There are several possibilities. On the one hand, women could get their own UT mode. On the other hand, women could be given their own mode in Ultimate Team to complete objectives. The coolest solution, however, would be that women and men could play together in one team. And strong icons would fit in really well.

Women's Ultimate Team in EA Sports FC

It won't be that easy to determine the ratings of the players. It probably stands or falls with Marta, the best female footballer of all time. She would have to get a similarly good card as Ronaldo or Pelé. Of course, you can't compare their careers, but Marta is an icon.

She hasn't finished her career yet, as the striker is currently still under contract with Orlando Pride until 2024. You wouldn't be able to play her as an icon for the upcoming EA Sports FC yet, but in the next few years she would have to be the icon with the highest rating.

We assume that women will also get three different Icon versions, i.e. Baby, Mid and Prime. The Prime version is usually only released after a few months.

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EA Sports FC: These Players Could Get Icon Cards

As we said: EA has not announced anything about licenses yet. Nevertheless, we want to take a look at the best players of the last years and decades. For this purpose, we predict the rating of a possible Prime Icon.

GKNadine AngererDeutschland95
GKHope SoloUSA92
CBAnnike KrahnDeutschland90
CMKristine LillyUSA92
STSun WenChina93
STMia HammUSA93
STAbby WambachUSA94
STBirgit PrinzDeutschland94

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