EA Sports Invests Into Women's Football

Women's football currently experiences a small hype, and EA Sports now wants to jump onto this hype train.

EA Sports invests into women's football
EA Sports wants to further promote women's football – that's how! | © EA Sports

After EA Sports has included the first English women's football league, the Barclays FA Women's Super League and its French counterpart the Division 1 into the last ever FIFA part and also announced the implementation of the UEFA Women's Champions League, an engagement apart from the FIFA games is supposed to follow. We tell you how exactly EA wants to promote women's football.

EA Sports Invests 11 Million Dollars

EA Sports has already started to promote women's football when they introduced it into FIFA 16, with some national teams being playable. In the meantime, whole departments which only focus on women's football were formed within the company. From this department, we also got the announcement that EA Sports wants to further promote women's football beyond the virtual football pitch.

Starting XI Fund

Just recently, EA Sports has announced the Starting XI Fund. It's supposed to promote women's football on and off the virtual and real football pitches and beyond. To give the fund a jump start, EA Sports have invested $11,000,000 into it. We didn't get that many details on how exactly this fund will act and which measures will be taken to help women's football sustainably in the long run. One project has been announced, though.

Internship Program

The Canadian video game developer has announced an internship program on their own news website. With this program, EA Sports hopes to especially inspire and empower young females to become involved in the world of football, with a focus on women's football. The interns aren't only supposed to become more enthusiastic on women's football, but are supposed to work in women's football in the long term. Only with active help and qualified workers in any department, women's football can be promoted and be made more attractive.

If you ask us, that sound like a great thing. Obviously EA wants to get some good publicity from that, but in case it doesn't only remain to be a one time financial investment and a long term commitment results from this, it could really elevate women's football as a whole. Let's wait and see what EA Sports makes of it and if they have fewer fails than in their video games...