FIFA Wonderkid Anders Vejrgang Will Have His Esports Debut in 2022

Anders 'Anders' Vejrgang will be 16 years old in January. Then the FIFA super talent can finally take part in FIFA tournaments and esports. RBLZ Gaming is already looking forward to this...

FIFA 22 Anders Vejrgang
We're excited for 2022! | © AndersVejrgang/RBLZ/EA Sports

If you still don't know Anders Vejrgang, we can't help you either. Oh wait! Yes, we can. Anders is a Danish FIFA pro. Well, not officially yet. Because he is not yet 16 years old and is therefore not allowed to take part in the major FIFA tournaments in the world.

He is under contract at Red Bull Leipzig Gaming (RBLZ). The Red Bull Club from Germany just missed the lead in the VBL before the winter break. Perhaps Anders would have gotten them first place? Because the youngster is arguably the greatest talent in FIFA esports around the world.

Will Anders Make His FIFA Esports Debut in January?

On January 26, 2022, the time has come: Anders will be 16 years old and can then also take part in the Virtual Bundesliga, for example. He is even officially listed already for the current RBLZ squad. So his debut can come.

The exciting thing is: Leipzig meets Ingolstadt of all clubs on January 26th. Two of the best teams in the VBL Division South-East could therefore play against each other – a birthday present for Anders? But also, quite tense to play against a direct competitor for the championship on your birthday, right?

Anyway: Anders will make his esports debut in FIFA 22. And the whole world is looking forward to it.

In FIFA 21, he managed to get 536 wins in a row – in the Weekend League! His name was heard all around the globe and most of you guys have probably heard of him last season.

Anders is also back on track in FIFA 22. We're excited to see how he'll do in esports. In the VBL and in the other major FIFA tournaments, he will play against people who are usually five to ten years older than him. Talent versus experience. Yes, this gon b gud.

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