FIFA 22 eChampions League: Group Stage is Coming Soon

The final participants of the eChampions League have been determined. The group stage starts in February. Everything about the process of the FIFA 22 eCL and who made it.

FIFA 22 eChampions League Group Stage
The group stage is coming up | © EA Sports

After the online qualifiers are said and done. The participants in the group stage of the eChampions League in FIFA 22 have been determined. The remaining 64 players are divided into groups.

There are a lot of stars from the scene among the final players. They're on on the road to the FIFAe World Cup 2022. Here are all the participants playing for $280,000 in May 2022!

FIFA 22 eChampions League Participants

The players are divided in different regions. There are the West Qualifiers, Iberia & Benelux Qualifiers, Nordics & East Qualifiers and the Germany & Austria Qualifiers. Here you can see all participants and their teams:

West Qualifiers

Seif9x⁠Free Agent
DPeixoto7Team BDS
DesheAtlantide Wave
MarleyEllevens Esports
PainAtlantide Wave
StokesHashtag United
MenceOL eSports
MaestroLevante UD
nicolas99fcGuild Esports
CosminNo Fuchs Given
Koala4Gamer Esport
ResaafHelios Gaming
MichaelFisher20LDN UTD

Iberia & Benelux Qualifiers

AndoniiPMMovistar Riders
tuga810Movistar Riders
Dani-VisserTeam Gullit
LeviTeam Gullit
ManuelTeam Gullit
Luca-nr1TS Warrior Player
TimSpaanHeracles Almelo
jafonsogvDiogoJota Esports
NachoCase Esports
davidss 07Free Agent
TiagoAraujo10Betclic Apogee
StefanoPinnaKRC Genk
Matias⁠Team Heretics
diogo silva3322 Esports
gonchu07Deportivo Alavés

Nordics & East Qualifiers

ArrowTricked eSport
NzorelloAC Monza Esports
OpTolleTeam BDS
FreddyOdense Boldklub
BlazekBrøndby IF
egos pegosNoTilt Esports
Vinoth1703Lørenskog IF
Margamat01Betclic Apogee
RvPLegend10Team Gullit
brandshaSkill Up
AbeldosPravda Esports
AlessioAmazing Esports
Giovhy69Nest eSports
SkifterFree Agent

Germany & Austria Qualifiers

Hasoo19FC Schalke 04
UmutRBLZ Gaming
BerkayLion42Werder Bremen eAcademy
PredatorFIFAWerder Bremen
Ditmir 48971. FC Köln
Jeffryy95Borussia Mönchengladbach
DonChapSV Darmstadt 98
HenningHansa Rostock
Tolush 10KiNG eSports
KorayVfL Bochum 1848
SnakezVfL Bochum 1848
Denii 10Leno Esports
Lukas 1004TSG Hoffenheim
CihanHertha BSC
JBarke7Free Agent

The eCL group stage will take place on February 19 & 20, 2022. The current 4 groups are then merged into 2 groups, with the players competing in one of two competitions: Western Europe: So, West, Iberia & Benelux together. And Central & Eastern Europe: Germany & Austria and Nordics & East in one group.

This in-person competition will be run as two Swiss events. Each group will complete in one day, with 16 of the 32 players from each competition moving on to the next phase of the competition.

The eCL knockout phase will then take place on April 23 & 24, 2022.

FIFA 22 eChampions League Final And a Prize Pool of $280,000

The Grand Final of the eChampions League will take place on May 27, 2022, as usual, one day before the final of the Champions League. The winner will receive US $75,000, but the losing finalist will also receive US $50,000 from a total prize pool of US $280,000. Compared to the ePremier League this is real money...

EA Gives Out FUT Rewards to Viewers

On the EA website for the eCL, EA promises us rewards if we watch. "Those who have linked their EA account and watch on Twitch will receive viewership rewards. We’ll have more information as we approach the events.", the publisher states.

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