FIFA 22 ePremier League: Prize Pool Bigger Than Ever

The ePremier League season 2021/22 in FIFA 22 is coming up. The "Big 6" teams are competing, there are new modes and more money than ever before. Everything you need to know before the start of the season.

FIFA 22 e Premier League
The ePremier League is coming up in FIFA 22 | © Premier League

The ePremier League in England is the counterpart to the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) in Germany. Of course, the official league advertises itself vigorously, because as everyone knows, the Premier League has been boasting for years that it is probably the most attractive league of the top 5 football leagues in Europe (and thus in the world).

If you take a look at the trailer, then you really get excited to see the best of the best in the country compete against each other. League CCO Will Brass already speaks of global success: "The popularity of the FIFA video game series allows us to connect with fans globally and, over the last three years, we have seen an increasing number of people from all over the world engage with the competition."

In comparison to the VBL, the ePremier League has something that the VBL lacks: all top clubs are participating. While the biggest clubs FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund are missing in Germany, the "Big 6" are all represented in England.

FIFA 22 ePremier League: With Arsenal, ManCity, ManUnited, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham

Arsenal FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspur will all compete in the tournament and face each other in the fight for a place in the Grand Final. Of course, this creates a broad interest from fans, after all, in eFootball, too, you want to know: Which team is the best of the season?

E Premier League Ablauf Turnier Teilnehmer
The schedule of the ePremier League 2021/22 | © Premier League

Speaking of the Grand Final: The final of the ePremier League will take place on March 26th and 27th. In the end, two players will compete for their team on their respective preferred consoles (PlayStation and Xbox). In the best case, of course, live - and in front of many fans. Let's see how the pandemic has developed by then.

ePremier League: Prize Pool of £100,000

It's already certain, that the new champions will be happy about a bigger prize pool. Because the ePremier League has a total prize pool of £100,000 this season. The winner will receive £30,000 and the second place will receive £15,000. The rest will be divided up to rank 16 (out of 20).

We are looking for the successor to Manchester City. Because the Skyblues could not only win the title in the Premier League, but also on the console. All players will be hoping to emulate Manchester City’s Shaun "Shellzz" Springette, who lifted the 2020/21 ePremier League Trophy, triumphing in a penalty shootout victory over Leeds United representative Olle "Ollelito" Arbin in the Grand Final.

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