The Best Players In FIFA 22

In Ultimate Team, there are a lot of decent cards. For the longest time, Lionel Messi was the strongest among them. What about now?
Cristiano ronaldo fifa 22
A little hint... maybe? | © EA Sports

First of all, it is important for us to say that we are ignoring the icons here about which we have already said everything. However, this is about the FUT 22 meta once more, because the title updates have changed a lot. After the release, we stated that Lionel Messi is the best player in FIFA 22. That all changed when the title update nation attacked.

The 3 Best Players in FIFA 22

We said no icons, but we didn't say no special cards. If I had said so, I would have broken my own rules. Oh, what a coincidence! The first one is a Rulebreaker! (Editor: ... oh my god. That was so bad.)

3. Ousmane Dembélé

Dembélé joined the party with Rulebreaker Team 2 and got some serious upgrades. His gold card was already popular, but his special card is just another level. If you want to spice your team up by a little bit, you should really go for the Frenchman.

In real life, things don't work out for Dembélé, but EA doesn't really care about that. I mean... Who does? When was FIFA honest about stats and ratings? You have to pay about 500k for one of the greatest flops of the past few years.

Dembele rulebreaker fifa 22 fut
Is that a Rulebreaker or What If card? | © FUTBIN

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo does what Ronaldo does. Score some screamers, be the best player of the Premier League, carry a whole team on his shoulders. Again. In FIFA 22, CR7 is, of course, one of the best cards you can get. There is a reason why he costs about 800k and is much more expensive than Messi. And that reason is... He is the one and only GOAT. Fight me, haters.

Messi just has too little speed, stamina, and the finesse long shots are no longer as wild as they were at the beginning. If we take a look at the ratings of Ronaldo instead, we see: He is still an insane striker!

Cr7 manu stats
What a pleasure to see my boy up there. | © FUTBIN

1. Kylian Mbappé

Oh, my... What am I seeing here? After the last couple of weeks, I thought that I would see Mohamed Salah on that throne. Classic Liverpool hype. Many so-called experts think that the Premier League POTM is the same as the Ballon d'Or.

Instead, we see Kylian Mbappé leading our ranking. He confirms that in every Weekend League in FUT 22. While Dembélé costs 500k and Ronaldo almost 800k, Mbappé's card is worth 1.4 million coins! It's sick and by a huge margin the most expensive gold card in the game.

Mbappe fifa 22 stats
I didn't know Donatello was a football player. | © FUTBIN

Of course, there are some other special cards like the Icons or the Heroes, which are even better than these 3 cards. Especially the FUT Heroes could make some serious difference in your next Weekend League. And as we have seen after the title updates, these rankings can always change. Rest in peace, release Messi.