Joao Cancelo Is The Best TOTY Player... Ever

TOTY voting is over and meanwhile, the players come into the packs bit by bit. Speaking of TOTY, the defenders have just been released and probably the best card in FIFA 22 is now available in game.

Cancelo toty header
Mbappé and Jorginho are the best? Bro, you're trippin... | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Some people in this world can apparently do just about anything. Rey is unnecessarily too OP in Star Wars, Christoph Waltz speaks 4 languages and only makes great movies (love u) and now Joao Cancelo can play any position in FIFA 22. And when we say any position, we mean any position.

Since Tuesday, January 25th, his Team of the Year Card has been out in FIFA 22 and has flashed casuals, pros, streamers, and fans alike. What makes the Portuguese so strong? And should you really be playing him as a left-back? Questions upon questions, but we have the answers!

Cancelo Does EVERYTHING – Pace, Weak Foot, Movement & More

Let's take the simple route and just take a look at his stats and honestly... the motto “don't stop 'til you're 99″ from the Adidas Numbers Up event fits pretty well here. 4 out of 6 stats are above 90, the other two comfortably in the 80s. EA just made Cancelo an absolute Hulk in FIFA 22. Cancelo SMASH!

However, not only his actual stats were boosted through the roof: EA Sports also granted him 5* Weak Foot. As a right-footer playing left-back, this is of course very useful.

The last point refers to how Cancelo feels on the virtual pitch and therefore, can't be determined by his stats. Oh boy, his movements in FIFA 22 feels super smooth, and he intercepts sooo many passes from the opponent, it's absolute madness.

What Position Should You Play TOTY Cancelo In FIFA 22?

Probably never has a question been so easy to answer as this one.... You can put Joao Cancelo in any position in-game, and it works somehow – except maybe as a goalkeeper.

Playing defensive, central, offensive or on the wings – in midfield, he can really fill any role and if you're up for it, he can even be used as a striker or center back. Of course, the community quickly caught on to this, as you can see here:

TOTY Cancelo is absolutely ridiculous from FIFA

It's almost cringe to let him play in his actual position, isn't it? We're really looking forward to the Reddit user who makes it his mission to score 1,000 goals with Cancelo as his striker in the Weekend League. After all, someone always has to top it off.