FIFA 22 Clash of Titans: Cheapest Solution For The SBC

EA released some banger of an SBC. The Clash of Titans is a real must have. That's why we show you the cheapest solution for the SBC. Treat yourself with some sick rewards!

Even Haaland celebrates this SBC! | © EA Sports

The Clash of Titans is some serious gourmet sh*t. For just a few coins, you'll get a Rare Mega Pack (55k). Such a pack will provide you with a lot of items and rare players. So... stuff you actually need. We show you how you complete this sick SBC.

Clash of Titans SBC: Is it worth it?

Let's start with whether the challenge is worth it. Yes, yes, and yes again. We would even say that anyone who does not complete this SBC is simply... lost. And if you are generally struggling with SBCs, here is a guide for you. The 55k pack that awaits you is not tradable... but who cares, if you get some sick players?

And with all these new items in your backpack, your team will rise like a phoenix. Or you will still suck at this game. That's just up to you. In general, you should always keep an eye on such challenges. Of course, player SBCs like the one of Fekir are nice and easy to see, but packs like the Clash of Titans will slip through your fingers from time to time.

Let's take a look at the SBC:

  • Clash of Titans: Same League: Max. 2, Same Nation: Min. 4, Same Club: Max. 2, Rare: Min. 5, Min. 80 OVR, min. 95 chemistry
Duell der Giganten Loesung
10,000 coins, bro! Cheaper than studying in Murica. | © EA Sports

Yes, it's true: The Clash of Titans SBC costs only around 10k! You get a 55k pack for so few coins, it's almost a gift from EA. Just buy these 11 players, and you have your squad built. Because that is the goal of every SBC, you know. Squad Building Challenge. Just wanted to make a statement. Damn.

Are untradeable SBCs worth it?

It depends. If this SBC cost three times as much, probably not. If you also have only a few players left in your club and need some reinforcements for SBCs, untradeable packs are really nice, regardless of whether with the Season Pass or the SBCs.

Of course, tradable challenges are better. For them it could be a good idea to keep the players as well… Either way: Squad Building Challenges are important and always the right choice. This is the way, homie. This is the way.