FIFA 22 FGS Swaps: All Details About Tokens And SBCs

Streams, tokens, SBCs – the FIFA 22 Global Series is back. Earning FGS Swap Tokens by watching streams. And we'll show you how it all works.

FIFA 22 FGS Swaps Tokens SBC Stream EA Twitch Drop Global Series
You will get not just the Tokmen, but the Tokwoman and Tokchildren too! | © EA Sports

Earning money by watching TV... who doesn't dream of that? Unfortunately, you won't be able to do that with the FIFA 22 Global Series, but you can save yourself some money if you check out the official EA streams. You heard right! By watching streams, you earn sweet FIFA 22 FGS Swap Tokens, which you can then exchange for FGS SBCs. So in the end, you even go out the door with a profit.

But in order for you to be able to dive into this event successfully, you have to make a few preparations. Here are the most important details!

FIFA 22 Global Series – Swap Tokens, SBCs, Streams

When does the FIFA 22 Global Series start?

The FIFA 22 Global Series starts on November 27th. So when the tournament starts, you can start earning tokens. But there are already some events before that, where you can secure FGS swap tokens. We'll show you how to get rich during the FIFA 22 Global Series.

First, you need to link your EA account to your Twitch account. This ensures that the Twitch Drops you receive are also added to your FUT account. It's very easy, you just have to click on this link. From now on, you can collect FGS tokens with every FGS related EA stream. Last year, you earned a token after 60 minutes, this year is no different.

Finally, you can exchange the tokens for SBCs. There are four different SBCs, each with its own rewards. Here, we have briefly summarized the rewards you can expect:

SBCNumber of Tokens
A11x Premium Goldpack (Untradeable)
B21x Premium Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)
C31x Prime Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)
D41x Jumbo Rare Players Pack (Untradeable)

As you can see, you can earn a lot of rewards with the FIFA Global Series. The SBCs are damn easy and in the end, they do not cost anything – except some of your time.

How does the FIFA 22 FGS Event work?

You can just let the stream run and do something else in the meantime. And best of all: You can repeat the SBCs over and over, as long as you have enough tokens for them! It hurts a bit that the cards are not tradable, but hey... it is what it is.

As already mentioned, you get a token for every 60 minutes you watch. But careful! Even if the streams last longer than 60 minutes, you can only earn one token per weekend. So you can split the one-hour run time over the whole weekend. Language, channel or event don't matter – as long as it happens on the same weekend. So if you were expecting infinite token farming... EA Sports is not stupid. For once.

In any case, the event offers us not only an exciting tournament but also a few sick rewards. What more do you want?

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