FIFA 22 Division Rivals: Why You Should Play The Mode!

If you want to qualify for the Weekend League, there is no way around Division Rivals. There have been some changes to the mode for FIFA 22. We'll show you what to look out for in the mode and how you can quickly achieve success.
FIFA 22 Division Rivals Guide
Would you like to get huge rewards? | © RedBull

We have known the Division Rivals mode for a long time. But a lot has changed in FIFA 22. Many YouTubers even say that Rivals has become much more attractive. Different rewards, elite division and more: we'll show you why you should grind here too.

FIFA 22 Division Rivals: Why You Should Play The Mode

Division Rivals is the only way to get into the Weekend League. Here, you have to get 1,500 Champions qualification points starting from Division 10, followed by the play-offs. Then, you have to play 5 out of 9 games victoriously. The way there is therefore more difficult. Incidentally, the Weekend League starts on October 8th. While you will receive the FUT Champions Finals Rewards after the last completed game, the Rivals mode traditionally remains at 10 a.m. on Thursday. FIFA 21 feelings are still there.

Division Rivals Rewards

But apart from the Weekend League. Why is this mode so special? For sure, the rewards. They have been revised a bit, but we have also uploaded all the rewards. So if you want to have a nice team as quickly as possible, there is no way around Divison Rivals. As always, you will end up in three different ranks in the respective division, with different levels of rewards.

By the way, there is also (besides the 10-1 divisions) an elite division and the Top 200 - EA has serious plans with Division Rivals. In general, you can only play a certain number of games, if you get over that, you can get extra rewards.

What's still nice is that you can choose between coins, untradable and tradable packs. But as I said, read our article again so that you know what to expect every Thursday. In general, the mode is very worthwhile as preparation for the Weekend League in order to get into the sweating mode. You can improve very quickly here, it is the only competitive multiplayer mode besides the WL that also has the same level of players.

How To Reach a Good Division in FIFA 22

Have you read our Weekend League Guide yet? If not, the information there can help you. Here, we have listed everything that is important in order to be satisfied and in a good mood at the end of a FIFA session. Basically, it's similar in Division Rivals.

You need a playable starter team with good subs, but should also take a break if things are not going so well. And above all, recognize and apply the meta. But in Rivals, you have less to lose. So give yourself a try.

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