Party Bags in FIFA 22 – Get Your Guaranteed Special Cards

Party Bags have appeared in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. What are Party Bags, and what can we expect from those new packs? Guaranteed Special Cards waiting for us!

FIFA 22 Party Bags
Party Bags leaked in FIFA 22 database | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

The new FUT packs in FIFA 22, which came shortly after the Winter Wildcards, are causing a stir. We are talking about so-called Party Bags which provide us with Special Cards from various promos.

The Party Bags also contain really strong games and are some of the best FUT Packs in Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 Wundertüte Party Bag
Get those Stars in Party Bags | © EA Sports/Team BeSoccer via Twitter

What are Party Bags in FIFA 22?

Party Bags are FUT Packs. Party bags were also featured in FIFA 21. There were a few strong SBCs. The new packs in Ultimate Team contain the following Special Cards:

Those promos are providing some really strong cards. In every Party Bag there will be a Special Card for you. So cool to have Packs in which you can safely get one of the extra strong versions of the stars mentioned above. Meta strikers are waiting for us...

Party Bags are again really tasty in FIFA 22. But when are the next ones available?

Next Party Bags in FIFA 22? Release Date

It is not yet known when exactly the Party Bags in FUT will come. In FIFA 21, the next Party Bags came in April, along with the FUT Birthday.

We will keep you updated as soon as more information is here. A nice promo is currently running with the Wildcards anyway. And then there's RTTF in FIFA 22... and the Headliners.

If you don't want to lose track of things, we have something for you right here.