Ingame Content in FIFA 22: Top or Flop?

Satisfying everyone is virtually impossible. However, EA Games gets a lot of s**t year after year - and justifiably so. In FIFA 22, the content is not really well received by the community. Is it really that bad?

FIFA 22 Content bad
Left wanting for more variety? | © Via YouTube Xsta

Open the web app, browse for a minute or so, exhale in disappointment and close the web app again: Scenes like these, or something similar to this, seem to dominate the current situation for many FIFA players who are waiting for new content. Gameplay in FIFA 22 rocks like it hasn't for years, and now, all of a sudden, the content EA drops is garbage? What do you mean, aren't there new events coming every week?

It feels like we are living in the matrix. No matter how bad FIFA felt in the last years, you could count on good content. And now, in FIFA 22, the opposite is supposed to be the case? Publisher EA has announced so many cool features, just like they do every year.

FIFA 22: Schrödingers Content

So, is the content dead or not? Well, at least a vocal part of the community thinks the content is about as good as the Weekend League servers. Some say not just the content, but the whole game is dead already - just four weeks after release. So, let's let the cat out of the box... er, out of the bag, of course, and take a closer look at the discourse and issues.

FIFA 22 SBC: The Worst It Has Ever Been?

Even when the EA servers had a bad day again or the momentum messed our game up, SBCs were always our last bastion in FIFA. It's just a lot of fun to try and master the challenges as cheaply as possible. Or you search the internet for solutions. Also fun. They were usually worth doing, and you could get sick rewards for them.

With FIFA 21, the downfall already started: Reward packs were often untradeable and oh boy, that didn't go down well with the community at all. In FIFA 22, the packs are again a wild mix of tradeable and untradeable ones. But that's not everything, as FUT fans complain above all about the monotony of the challenges. Among other things, the irregular Daily Challenge SBCs and the lack of league-specific SCBs are criticized.

The rewards of most SBCs are not really well received by the community – at all. Instead of individual packs or players as rewards, more variety is desired at this point. EA could release SBCs that have several footballers with different positions, nations and leagues as rewards. So many gamers currently have to hope that the new challenge fits the respective team or that they draw something insane from the packs.

FIFA 22 Objectives & Milestones

Do you know who was my absolute favorite player for the first three months in FIFA 21? The 86 League Player Objective card of Florent Mollet - that guy just banged everything in! Do you also know how to get this OP player? That's right, through objectives. You can struggle through classic silver stars or some RTTK cards in FIFA 22 to get some good players, but milestones are still missing.

That's why many gamers are currently finding it difficult to find a reason to play between Sunday and Thursday, outside the Weekend League. This is due, in part, to the revised Division Rivals and Weekend League system in FIFA 22. Of course, the rewards that you can earn also play a role. Not everyone celebrates silver players and if you compare RTTK-André with RTTF-Kounde last year, it's already a downgrade. With all due respect...

FIFA 22: More Gameplay Instead Of More Content

For every opinion, of course, there is a counter opinion. There are still Division Rivals, Squad Battles, Friendlies, FUT Champions Playoffs, Weekend League, and - if you're really desperate - FUT Draft to play, as the following Reddit post notes:

"FIFA22 is dead already" "Content is so dry man" Hear me out.. from FIFA

This thread is something of a response to the whole discussion around content, and we actually agree with some aspects of it. Gameplay used to be more important, but in FIFA 22, it sometimes seems like people are just waiting for 7pm and new SBCs. The game is only one month old and with Icon Swaps, there should be a lot of good content coming - let's wait and see.