FIFA 22 League Players: The First Card Is Released!

Ultimate Team has once again got another special card. Augsburg's Reece Oxford got the first league player card in FIFA 22. Here you can find all the details about the League Player Cards.

FIFA 22 League Players Reece Oxford
The first Special Card was released. | © EA Sports/Earlygame

We actually really missed the League Players in FUT 22, but the wait is over now. They are finally back in the game! And you'd better keep an eye on them... Don't underestimate their power!

Reece Oxford Is The First League Player in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

On November 5th the time had finally come. With Reece Oxford, EA Sports has released the first league player in FIFA 22. So like last year, the first player we get is from a farmer league. Nice! Naturally, many will think now "Eew, what should I do with a lousy player of Augsburg?" Well, that can backfire very quickly in the Weekend League.

The Englishman is getting a major upgrade. Probably nobody was interested in his silver card... And why should you? No pace, weak physicality. Anything but a solid defender. But his special card takes a huge step forward. 81 pace, 85 defensive, 85 physicality. The sweating is worth it. As can be read in the community, however, you'll have to bite you through this objective. You can take a closer look at how to unlock the central defender in your FUT menu. The challenges are anything but difficult... But as already indicated – you will most likely rage because of our beloved toxic community.

So Oxford is definitely a good option for your Bundesliga build. And if you want to get some background information about your new transfer... I got you. You know, not everyone has the nerve to buy players, which are not harmonizing. Sometimes you just have to listen to your players and their stories. For four years Oxford has been on one loan after another, first playing for Borussia Mönchengladbach, and since 2019 he has been wearing the jersey of FC Augsburg. He recently signed a contract there until 2025. In addition to chemistry, you also want a bit of harmony in the team. And it helps a lot when a player knows his league and environment. And yeah, I know, this isn't Football Manager.

When Are The Next League Players Coming To FIFA 22?

Unfortunately, we don't know yet, but you can be sure that we will update this article as soon as there is any information or if the players are out. Because we are, of course, overly hyped about the League Players. Let's be honest: Playing different modes, earning rewards and getting OP meta cards is a blessing for every FUT player.

In FIFA 21, the special were released rather irregularly. Florent Mollet started it off, Hector Bellerin came out just a few weeks later. Deulofeu was the last League Player in 2020 just five days later. In 2021 EA released the special cards much faster. I guess it will be the same this year. But it's definitely worth the wait. The League Players were already very popular in FIFA 21 and really mixed up the meta. If I just think about Florian Niederlechner... Augsburg and special cards – that seems to work.