FIFA 22 Niklas Dorsch TOTS SBC - Cheapest Solutions

Augsburg's Niklas Dorsch is a surprise entry in the Bundesliga Team of the Season with a boosted Moments card as his reward.
Dorsch banner
Dorsch's Moments TOTS card makes him one of the best in the game. | © EA Sports

It is that time of the year again when FIFA gets celebratory with the Team of the Season (TOTS) promo. These super-boosted cards honor the season's best players and often turn out to be the highest-rated in the game outside of the ICONs and while we are still getting some drops from other promotions, like that honoring the retirement of Akinfenwa, it really is all about the TOTS now. Right now, we are working through the Bundesliga TOTS with the next up being LaLiga. But there is one more card to go for the Germans.

Having already seen a Paulinho of Leverkusen's Moments TOTS card few would have expected another, but that is exactly what we have with Augsburg's Niklas Dorsch earning one after scoring a rocket of a goal against FC Köln during the season. If you want to learn how you can get your hands on him, this guide will show you how.

FIFA 22 Dorsch TOTS SBC Summary

Dorsch's TOTS card is a 92-rated CDM who has great stats all around with his dribbling, physicality, and defending stats being particular highlights.

















Is The Dorsch TOTS SBC Worth It?

Dorsch's TOTS is a great card with very few weaknesses and would fit into any Ultimate Team. A fierce shot, coupled with tidy passing, and the ability to defend, make him the perfect choice for a pass spraying CDM. If you can get the chemistry links, he is definitely worth a shot.

Pro TOTS Dorsch
Con TOTS Dorsch
No weak statsWill see you back at least 100K FUT coins
Great physicality and pace
Good chemistry links

Dorsch TOTS SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Dorsch's TOTS SBC has two squads to complete; here are the requirements, rewards, and cheapest solutions for both.

Germany SBC

  • # of players from Germany: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Reward: 1 Premium Gold Players Pack

Dorsch 4
The cheapest solution for Dorsch's Germany SBC. | © FUTBIN

This squad will cost between 39K-43K depending on the platform.

Bundesliga SBC

  • # of players from Bundesliga: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 65
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Reward: 1 Prime Electrum Players Pack

Dorsch 5
The cheapest solution for Dorsch's Bundesliga SBC. | © FUTBIN

This squad will cost between 62K-70K depending on the platform.

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