Only Until June 7th! FIFA 22 Is Free With PS Plus

Playstation Plus members can get FIFA 22 for free. The latest part of the FIFA series is among Sonys free games for the month of May. This has never happened before!
FIFA 22 PS Plus
First FIFA in PS Plus? | © Sony / EA Sports

Ok folks, this is huge: FIFA 22 is available for free! At least for PS Plus members, as the games that are appearing in Sony's lineup in May also include FIFA 22. This is great news as it is the first FIFA ever that's available for free on Sony's store.

Most recently, there was already an announcement for PS Plus customers about a free pack for FIFA 22 – now, EA is going one step further and bringing the entire game for free. Pretty nice – for everyone who hasn't worked on the best FUT team since the end of September.

Is FIFA 22 Free With PS Plus?

Yes, you can play FIFA 22 for free with PS Plus! You have the whole of May 2022 to at least put the game in your library. You can always download it later.

As we said, this is a real novelty for EA that they're bringing their football game in the PS Plus lineup. After Konami made their PES or eFootball free to play, the Canadian developer follows suit. There is already a lot of speculation about FIFA 23: The FIFA series will be renamed and maybe even free to play like eFootball. Or as Bob Dylan would say: the times they are a-changin'. There is finally movement in the "who makes the best football game?" business.

How Long Is FIFA 22 On PS Plus?

You have until June 7th to get the free pack and the full game in Sony's Store. So be quick and grab it now before the offer is over.

How Much Does FIFA 22 Cost?

FIFA normally costs around $80 to $90 upon release – depending on the platform and version. By now, you can get FIFA 22 for around 20 bucks. You will also find cheaper offers on various websites. If you already have PlayStation Plus, you can get FIFA now without additional cost.