FIFA 23 With PS Plus: Chances & Possible Release Date

We expect that FIFA 23 will make it into Sony's PlayStation Plus lineup. Find out when FIFA 23 could be coming to PS Plus here. Last year's release date gives a hint.

FIFA 23 PS Plus
When will FIFA 23 be coming to PS Plus? | © EA Sports / Sony / EarlyGame

A new FIFA appears year after year. While EA Sports' games have been coming to Xbox Game Pass for quite some time, it's a little different with Sony's subscription model. Last year, with FIFA 22, we were able to download a FIFA for free on the PlayStation Store for the first time.

It is not yet known exactly when or if FIFA 23 will be coming to PS Plus again. However, a look at last year's release date gives a little room for speculation

If you can't wait, here is a copy of FIFA 23 on PS5.

FIFA 23 With PlayStation Plus – Possible Release

Like we said, the chance to see FIFA 23 on PS Plus is much higher than in the last few years. Of course, EA has little interest in nobody buying the game if it's too cheap too soon. That's why it's taking a while for the latest FIFA to become part of Sony's subscription service.

There is no official announcement that the game will be part of the PS Plus offer at all. However, we assume that EA wants to advertise their product again before the FIFA series comes to an end.

FIFA 22 came to PS Plus back in May 2022. Subscribers could download the game until June 7. We are curious to see whether we will find FIFA 23 among the PS Plus games in May 2023.

How things will continue in autumn with FIFA 24 – or EA Sports FC – remains exciting.

Will FIFA 23 Be Part Of Xbox Game Pass?

We can also give all Xbox players a little hope. In recent years, there has always been a free FIFA available in Game Pass. In the summer, the game could come back to one or the other Xbox Series X or S for free.

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