700k Coins: Is Renato Sanches The Best Midfielder In FUT?

Renato Sanches shows outstanding performances with Lille OSC. Half of Europe wants to sign the all-rounder. His new signature signing card in FUT 22 is really awesome – is he the best midfielder in Ultimate Team?
Renato Sanches OP Signature Signing FUT
Wow... who should be better in midfield? | © fifarosters

You already have the perfect FUT jersey. Of course, it is even more important that you have an OP team with whom you can perform well in the Weekend League. One card that became popular over the weekend is Signature Signing Sanches. The Portuguese costs more than 700k - what makes him so awesome?

Renato Sanches Signature Signing – Best Midfielder In FUT?

Black Friday is over, and we got a lot of OP cards. So, here's our tip: Buy Ben Yedder and Gelson Martins as well as Sanches. Why? The links fit perfectly, all three are meta-players. So what is it that makes Renato Sanches so special? On the one hand, his values are simply insane - anyone that has 87 pace as a central midfielder is priceless.

The second reason besides his pace is that the Bayern flop is an all-rounder - both in real life and virtually! You can play him on CDM, CM, CAM, if necessary also on the wings. Our tip, if you play him on CDM: Play Sanches on Shadow, because with 76 Defending he even has less than Phil Jones here (nothing against Jones, we're still waiting for his icon card).

What you shouldn't forget about the 24-year-old player: He has 4-star skills and weak foot in FIFA 22! That is just outstanding. Most midfielders miss the stars, hardly any of them have strong stats here, Renato Sanches is an exception. So take a look at the stats of the Signature Signing special card:

Renato Sanches Stats
84 OVR... his stats look like 94 OVR! | © FUTBIN

Renato Sanches: OP-Player For Every Squad?

So is he the best midfielder in FUT? There is currently no better central midfielder besides the best icons. Especially on CDM and CM, he's just perfect. I mean, he costs even more than Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar!

So if you're swimming in coins, buy Renato! If Bayern was so blind and didn't see his potential, be smart and invest in the Special Card! It will sweeten your Weekend League, we promise you!

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