The Best OP Weekend League-Teams in FIFA 22

Who cares about starter teams? If you do – shame on you! We'll show you some sick OP-Teams for your next Weekend League instead!
Best OP Teams Ultimate Team
Did someone order the meta? | © EA Sports

You feeling too rich? You want to get rid of your lame starter team? Then this is the place to be. We're going to show you some sweet Meta-Teams for the Weekend League. But beware... if you get these players, you won't have any excuses left when you suck in FIFA.

The Best OP Weekend League-Teams in FIFA 22

Three teams. The best formations. If you have between 600k and 1 million coins, you can choose freely. If you're broke like me, just smell close your eyes and dream. Of course, you can switch individual players in each team, but we're going to show you some good alternatives. So let's take a look at the first OP Weekend League team.

FIFA 22 Weekend League OP Teams
You really should buy Ousmane Dembele! | © FUTBIN

This team costs around 600k – in fact, you could earn that with just a single Weekend League. The FUT rewards are really nice this year. The highlights here are Dembélé and Goretzka. For their price tags, these two are the best in their position. We would recommend you to play the 4-3-2-1 formation. This is by far the best formation in FIFA 22. In this article, we have explained which formations and instructions are generally the best.

This defense would have no real weak point, so if you have the coins, go ahead and buy TOTW Navas. In midfield, we have a good combination of defensive masterclass and offensive genius. Llorente and Goretzka are the perfect box-to-box players. And Ben Yedder? Are we suddenly back in FIFA 20? The Frenchman has become better again this year.

FIFA 22 Op meta team fut weekend league
This team is our favorite. | © FUTBIN

You have to pull out a million coins for this starting XI. The defensive line offers a solid wall. In midfield, you have again two attacking strong CMs with Pogba and De Jong. 4-3-2-1 again methinks. This team is perfect for the formation. As the third CM in the formation, a strong dribbling winger is ideal, here we recommend Saint-Maximin (and you should give him more offensive instructions).

The three strikers Rahsford, Vinícius, and Dembélé promise speed, plenty of chances, and a lot of skill. Rashford should play a central role here.

What a team. Just imagine a counterattack – goosebumps.

FIFA 22 OP Meta 600k Team FUT WL
KDB is in the house! | © FUTBIN

4-4-2 or 4-2-2-2 is also quite suitable for this starting XI.

The right side is pretty sexy – Jesus can lead you through your toughest moments. While should definitely play Sterling and Saint-Maximin on the wings, and Gabriel Jesus is on the hunt for goals. We already reported on how Werner is just OP.

Cost: 700k.

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